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Release: the 150th Travers race will be run in Saratoga on Saturday, August 24.
NYSNYS News Today

Release: Transcript of de Blasio on NY1 on Monday, August 13, 2019.
NYSNYS News 8/13/2019

Release: Attorney General James says she will sue to stop Trump rule denying green cards to immigrants on welfare and public assistance.
NYSNYS News 8/13/2019

NYSNYS NEWS WEEK IN REVIEW for August 3-9, 2019: Cuomo responds to mass shootings. Top Assembly aide fired after arrest. Yang makes cut for next debate.
NYSNYS News 8/12/2019

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Sunday, August 11, 2019.
NYSNYS News 8/12/2019

Release: Cuomo announces $206 million in highway freight projects.
NYSNYS News 8/3/2019

Release: Transcript of de Blasio Q&A on Friday, August 2, 2019 on recommendation to fire NYPD Officer Pantaleo for actions in Eric Garner death.
NYSNYS News 8/3/2019

Release: Cuomo signs Shannon's Law bill requiring insurance coverage of mammograms.
NYSNYS News 8/3/2019

Release: Manhattan Democratic Committee attacks Albany Times Union coverage of Keith Wright, lobbyist who doubles as party chair. Dems criticize paper for having white editors.
NYSNYS News 7/28/2019

Release: Manhattan Democratic Committee attacks Albany Times Union coverage of Keith Wright, lobbyist who doubles as party chair. Dems criticize paper for having white editors.
NYSNYS News 7/27/2019

Release: NYRA cancels final seven races at Saratoga on Thursday, July 25, 2019 after heavy rainfall creates unsafe track conditions.
NYSNYS News 7/26/2019

Release: Cuomo signs bill mandating notification of data security breaches, identity theft prevention services.
NYSNYS News 7/26/2019

Release: Senate GOP leader Flanagan says Senate Democrats' tilt toward criminals rights is partly to blame for latest attacks on NYPD officers.
NYSNYS News 7/25/2019

Release: Senate holding hearings, roundtable discussions on opioid addiction and overdose prevention. Seven hearings to be scheduled, the first on Friday, August 9, 2019 in the Bronx.
NYSNYS News 7/23/2019

Releases: Transcripts of de Blasio on WNYC radio and later press briefing on heat wave on Friday, July 19 2019.
NYSNYS News 7/20/2019

Release: Cuomo tells MTA he wants reorganization. 'There are no more excuses, politics, drama, scapegoats or tolerance for nonperformance. Either the management completes its tasks or it will have failed its public duty.'
NYSNYS News 7/17/2019

Release: Inspector General reports arrest of former top DOCCS Prison official on felony charges of falsifying evidence.
NYSNYS News 7/16/2019

Release: Citizens Budget Commission calls on Cuomo to veto bills on small business crime prevention assistance (A.2946), Beginning Farmers NY Fund (A8007), Entrepreneurship Assistance Centers grants (A.4312).
NYSNYS News 7/10/2019

Release: Cuomo announces new LIRR station will be built in Elmont as part of Belmont redevelopment project. Station is tied to Islanders hockey team relocation.
NYSNYS News 7/9/2019

Release: Attorney General Tish James says LexisNexis will pay $6.8 million to settle complaint about not paying states for resale of highway accident reports.
NYSNYS News 7/3/2019

Release: Transcript of NY GOP Chair Nick Langworthy's remarks after his election in Colonie on Monday, July 1, 2019.
NYSNYS News 7/2/2019

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Friday, June 28, 2019.
NYSNYS News 6/29/2019

Releases on Supreme Court census ruling from Rodriguez, Complete County Commission, Ortiz, Heastie, Common Cause, de Blasio, Americans for Limited Government, Stewart-Cousins, Cuomo, James, Espaillat, Diaz Jr.
NYSNYS News 6/28/2019

Release: Empire Center calls new climate law passed by legislators a 'Green Monster' that will impose undetermined huge new costs.
NYSNYS News 6/22/2019

Releases on Green Light bill from Jordan, Smart Growth Coalition, Metzger, Teamsters, FWD, Serino, Biaggi, Senate Democrats, Diaz Jr., Seward, Partnership for NYC, Cuomo counsel David, Tish James, Tedisco.
NYSNYS News 6/19/2019

Release: Assembly passes 'pink tax' bill to bar discriminatory pricing on products marketed to women.
NYSNYS News 6/12/2019

Releases: Senate-Assembly announce deal on rent laws, press releases with reaction from landlords, Gianaris
NYSNYS News 6/11/2019

Release: Empire Center says new study finds that Rochester schools are uniformly among the worst in the U.S.
NYSNYS News 6/8/2019

Release: Cuomo announces gay pride LGBTQ exhibit at the Capitol, and orders gay rainbow flag to be flow around Capitol. Youtube video of the flag raising provided.
NYSNYS News 6/6/2019

Releases: Cuomo, legislators continue back and forth on rent laws bills. He challenges Senate to pass all 9 today. Heastie, Stewart-Cousins say they are together and ready to work with Cuomo.
NYSNYS News 6/5/2019

Release: Senate GOP Leader Flanagan condemns parole of Richard LaBarbera, who murdered Paul Bohovesky, 16. He is latest in growing list of killers recently released by Cuomo's DOCCS parole board.
NYSNYS News 5/30/2019

Release: Senate GOP leader Flanagan calls proposed single-payer healthcare a 'costly, bureaucratic nightmare' that will raise taxes, cause doctors to leave NY, and administered by incompetent Albany bureaucrats.
NYSNYS News 5/29/2019

NYSNYS NEWS INSIDE THE LCA: The show is a success. Gannett/NYT win writing awards. AP loses a reporter. Times Union cutting its staff. LCA archives update.
NYSNYS News 5/28/2019

Release: Empire Center reports per pupil spending in NY schools rises to $23,091 per pupil.
NYSNYS News 5/27/2019

Memo: Newspaper Guild says Albany Times Union seeking more buyouts to reduce staff.
NYSNYS News 5/23/2019

NYSNYS NEWS: In face of inaction on measles crisis, Reid McNally & Savage lobbying firm is handing out surgical masks at the Capitol to lawmakers, staff, visitors.
NYSNYS News 5/14/2019

Release: SUNY Board names Cuomo aide Malatras president of Empire State College. Leaders also named at Columbia-Greene and North Country.
NYSNYS News 5/9/2019

NYSNYS INSIDE THE LCA: 'Amazonked!' LCA show is on May 21, Daily News space repopulated, new pressroom manager on the job.
NYSNYS News 5/2/2019

Release: Cuomo holds Earth Day event to publicize new ban on some plastic bags in NYS. Press release, transcript, Youtube video included.
NYSNYS News 4/22/2019

Release: Cuomo announces new state program to train auto mechanics and prison inmates to work for specific manufacturers. Tesla, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru cited. DMV 'will take the lead' to organize it. Youtube video included.
NYSNYS News 4/21/2019

Release: Empire Center looks at latest Census reports showing NYS population continuing to shrink.
NYSNYS News 4/20/2019

Release: Preliminary agenda for April 18, 2019 meeting of the PSC.
NYSNYS News 4/13/2019

Releases: Statements on McCall retirement from SUNY Student Association, UUP, SUNY Central.
NYSNYS News 4/12/2019

Release: Tickets now on sale for 'Amazonked!' -- the 2019 LCA show on May 21 at the State Room in Albany.
NYSNYS News 4/8/2019

Release: Cuomo lists highlights of budget2019.
NYSNYS News 4/2/2019

Releases: Statements on prevailing wage budget2019 negotiations from Unshackle Upstate, NFIB, AFL-CIO, Building and Construction Trades Council, Bronson and Ramos.
NYSNYS News 3/27/2019

Release: Transcript of Cuomo call in on Monday, March 25, 2019 to WAMC radio.
NYSNYS News 3/26/2019

Statement: SUNY board votes to remove names of slave-owning Hudson Valley pioneers from New Paltz campus buildings, renaming them with local geographical place names.
NYSNYS News 3/21/2019

Releases: Nurses union announces April 2 strike at Mount Sinai, Montefiore and NewYork-Presbyterian hospitals over nurse staffing ratios. In respons, GNYHA says union is 'extremely irresponsible.'
NYSNYS News 3/19/2019

Release: NYSED and attorney general James' report on Rochester school district's systematic failures prior to suicide death of mentally ill schoolboy Trevyan Rowe
NYSNYS News 3/13/2019

Release: Preliminary agenda for March 14, 2019 meeting of the PSC in Albany.
NYSNYS News 3/9/2019

Release: Chief Judge DiFiore delivers State of the Judiciary address in Bronx courthouse on Tuesday, February 26, 2019. Transcript included.
NYSNYS News 2/27/2019

Releases: Cuomo DOB director Mujica releases 'open letter' excoriating RWDSU union, Senate Democrats for killing Amazon deal. Union response attached says Mujica 'deceitful, dishonest, trying to justify a failed process.'
NYSNYS News 2/22/2019

Release: Metropolitan Public Strategies announces hiring of LCA Daily News reporter Lovett.
NYSNYS News 2/12/2019

Release: Cuomo, James announces investigation of Apple for privacy bug with FaceTime ap.
NYSNYS News 1/31/2019

Release: Cuomo, James announces investigation of Apple for privacy bug with FaceTime ap.
NYSNYS News 1/31/2019

Release: Amazon announces program to support advanced computer classes in NYC high schools.
NYSNYS News 1/30/2019

Release: Senate, Assembly announces schedule for adopting budget2019. Final passage by Friday, March 29, 2019.
NYSNYS News 1/25/2019

Releases: Cuomo statements, transcript, video on passage of Reproductive Health Act abortion bills. Youtube videos included.
NYSNYS News 1/24/2019

Releases: NYRA announces resignation of CEO Chris Kay. O'Rourke will be interim CEO. Jordan statement attached.
NYSNYS News 1/24/2019

Release: Final agenda for January 17, 2019 meeting of the PSC in Albany.
NYSNYS News 1/17/2019

Release: Final agenda for January 17, 2019 meeting of the PSC in Albany.
NYSNYS News 1/16/2019

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Monday, January 14, 2019.
NYSNYS News 1/15/2019

Release: Cuomo announces reopening of Oswego County supportive housing for formerly homeless people and families. State helped renovate Backstreet Apartments.
NYSNYS News 1/8/2019

Release: Transcript of de Blasio and Corey Johnson press conference on Fair Fares program. Mayor says he's pleased Cuomo is taking the lead on the L train and subways: 'The state controls the MTA.'
NYSNYS News 1/6/2019