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Release: Nixon campaign says NYT endorsement of Cuomo re-election is uninspired and should embarrass him.
September 4, 2018

Breaking: New Yorkers Motivated to Vote Against Cuomo After Reading Times Endorsement

New York, NY -- In its least enthusiastic endorsement in recent memory, The New York Times endorsed Andrew Cuomo today. But even Cuomo was so embarrassed by the uninspired editorial that he didn’t even link to it when touting the endorsement on Twitter.

“The New York Times decried the culture of Albany and laid its failures squarely where they belong, at the feet of Andrew Cuomo,” said Cynthia for New York spokeswoman Lauren Hitt. “Voters who read this editorial will come to a clear conclusion: voting for Andrew Cuomo is voting for the status quo in Albany.”

In June, Cynthia was endorsed by The Nation, the oldest and most widely read weekly journal in progressive politics since 1865.

In discussing Nixon’s qualifications, The Nation’s Editorial Board wrote, “That she has long chosen to use her fame to lift up the movements for public education, LGBTQ rights, renewable energy, and housing justice speaks to her character. She may not have as much executive experience as her opponent, but as someone who grew up in a one-bedroom, five-story walk-up as the daughter of a single mother, was educated in New York City’s public schools, has worked continuously since the age of 12, and has paid dues to four different unions, Nixon has the life experience to be a governor of and for the people. If elected, she won’t be beholden to the entrenched interests and political machines that dominate state government. We can surely count on her to shake up business as usual.”

With Friends Like These….Excerpts from The New York Times’ “Endorsement” of Cuomo….
“The case for change, at a time when so many New Yorkers yearn for change, is not hard to make.”

“Yet Mr. Cuomo’s failures threaten to eclipse his record of accomplishments.”

“Mr. Cuomo pledged to clean up Albany in his first campaign for governor. Yet instead of confronting the ethical horrors of the state capitol, his administration has added to them. This year his former campaign manager and closest aide, Joseph Percoco, was convicted on corruption charges, and Alain Kaloyeros, a key figure behind the governor’s signature upstate economic plan, was convicted in a bid-rigging scandal.”

“One reason the governor has been able to build up a campaign treasury large enough to repel potential competition is that he has raised funds through the “L.L.C. loophole” that he pledged to end years ago. This loophole allows businesses called limited liability companies to flout limits on corporate donations.”

“Mr. Cuomo is flawed. When he allows petty enmity and political grievance to distract him from his commitment to public service, he is his own worst enemy.”