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Percoco sentencing releases: Molinaro says Cuomo aides going to jail while he 'skates free, unscatched and uninvestigated.' Miner says 'more sad days ahead' because more Cuomo cronies are going to prison.
Text of press releases.

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Statement by Marc Molinaro on Criminal Sentencing of
Andrew Cuomo’s ‘Brother’ and Right Hand Man Joseph Percoco

September 20, 2018

“Andrew Cuomo was sentenced today — he just doesn’t have to do the time. He came into office promising reform and ended up turning New York State government into a corrupt, taxpayer-paid enterprise that works only to further his presidential ambitions.

“In the coming weeks other top Cuomo lieutenants and donors within the Cuomo Machine will be sentenced to jail time, while Mr. Cuomo skates free, unscathed and un-investigated. Two attorneys general have been too afraid to investigate his alleged illegalities. The Manhattan District Attorney is afraid. Mr. Cuomo’s ethics commission, JCOPE, is, indeed, a joke, and no one will investigate his constant election law violations.

“That leaves it up to the People of New York to act. Only they can prove Teddy Roosevelt’s adage true, that ‘no man is above the law.’ Only the people of this great state can take a stand to stop the corrupt enterprise that is the Cuomo Administration.

“I remind those New Yorkers of one thing today: We don’t have to live this way. The Cuomo Corruption Tax that costs taxpayers billions and that wastes billions more on corporate pay-to-play giveaways is optional. We can opt out of it by retiring Governor Cuomo in November. We can do better as a state. That is what I am offering, today and for the next four years.”


Statement from Stephanie Miner on Joe Percoco Sentencing

Syracuse, N.Y., September 20, 2018 - Today is a sad day for New Yorkers, but we have more sad days ahead. That’s because more of Andrew Cuomo's cronies are heading to prison in the coming weeks.

How many public officials have to be convicted before we act? Cuomo promised to clean up Albany, but we’ve had 8 years of the corrupt status quo. Both major parties are to blame for tolerating bad behavior and not passing meaningful ethics reform.

The Miner-Volpe administration pledges to:

Disband the ineffective Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) and replace it with a truly independent commission with the power to investigate and fight corruption.
Ban anonymous campaign contributions (the “LLC loophole”).
Prohibit use of state giveaways in the form of ‘economic development programs’ aimed at rewarding campaign contributors and friends.
Empower the State Comptroller, not the Governor, as chief oversight agent of economic development proposals to restore fairness and openness to the process.
Limit outside compensation of statewide officials and state legislators to 25% of their salaries.
We can’t trust the same people who created the problem – and benefit from it -- to change Albany’s culture. It’s time for a new approach and that requires leading by example.