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Release: Senate GOP Leader Flanagan condemns parole of Richard LaBarbera, who murdered Paul Bohovesky, 16. He is latest in growing list of killers recently released by Cuomo's DOCCS parole board.
CONTACT: Scott Reif, Candice Giove (518) 455-2264
FOR RELEASE: Immediate, Wednesday, May 29, 2019


It is with a heavy heart that I express my fury and sadness with the decision by the state Parole Board to release convicted killer Richard LaBarbera. This monster, along with his convicted accomplice Robert McCain, brutally assaulted, raped, and murdered 16 year-old Paula Bohovesky, and he should never go free.

Keep this in mind – neither of these convicts have ever repented for their crimes. To this day, they blame one another for the heinous torture and murder of an innocent teenager. Moreover, it was only one month ago that Lois Bohovesky, the victim’s mother, was calling on the Parole Board to deny LaBarbera’s request for freedom. They ignored her and thousands of others who opposed his release.

Put simply, this is a disgraceful act by the Parole Board, and it adds to the growing list of killers that have recently been released – killers like Herman Bell, Judith Clark, and Matthew Solomon. They’re likely not finished, either, as LaBarbera’s equally guilty and equally vicious accomplice is up for parole next month.

None of this would be happening if not for Governor Cuomo’s handpicked appointees, who have repeatedly ignored the voices of victims and their families in favor of the most vicious criminals in our society. Shame on the Parole Board, shame on Governor Cuomo, and shame on the Democrats in the state Legislature for allowing this madness to continue.