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Release: Senate GOP leader Flanagan says Cuomo threat to revoke National Grid's franchise shows failure of leadership. PSC has confirmed a natural gas shortage downstate.

CONTACT: Candice Giove (518) 455-2264
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Governor Cuomo’s threat to revoke National Grid’s certificate to operate downstate shows his failure to lead for the people of this state, and his willingness to cater to extreme environmentalists who have no real plan to solve this crisis.

Whether National Grid or any other company serves downstate, the laws of supply and demand still exist. The Governor’s own Public Service Commission acknowledged that National Grid faces a gas shortage in trying to meet a growing demand during its October meeting.

The alternative, as we all know, is trucking in oil or gas to those who cannot connect to cleaner natural gas hookups. The Governor also vetoed shipping liquefied natural gas on barges back in 2015. Winter is coming, and our new businesses and our homeowners should not have to suffer while the Governor bullies National Grid and continues to have his Department of Environmental Conservation refuse the needed permit to build the Williams Pipeline.

We no longer have time for this political theater – we only have time for leadership to ensure that the demands of our constituents are put first.