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Release: Senate GOP leader Flanagan says Senate Democrats' tilt toward criminals rights is partly to blame for latest attacks on NYPD officers.
CONTACT: Scott Reif, Candice Giove (518) 455-2264
FOR RELEASE: Immediate, Wednesday, July 24, 2019


New York City police officers and all law enforcement across our state deserve deep respect from the people they protect every day. It is a difficult job to leave your home and put your life on the line, only to be demonized by Democrats, which has led to horrific acts of disrespect on the streets of New York City. These actions caught on tape are unequivocally unacceptable and we condemn them and support each and every officer who must take action moving forward.

Some might wonder how we have gotten here? In Albany, Senate Democrats passed bills to enhance criminal rights on the very day of the annual Police Memorial, when we pause to honor the fallen. Senate Democrats advocated and succeeded in handcuffing our officers by passing a “Criminal Bill of Rights” this year, a massive and troubling shift in public policy that tilts the playing field even further in the direction of criminals. And, still they want to do more in the name of “fairness.” It is unfair to police officers trying to protect the public and unfair to the victims of crime that these policies are having a direct impact on the attitudes people have towards law enforcement on our streets.

Senate Republicans will always stand on the side of law enforcement, public safety and victims and reject the lawlessness and disrespect created by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Senate Democrats.