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Release: Lawyer for Cuomo accuser Charlotte Bennett says governor is following Trump strategy of attacking accuser, investigators and the process itself. He must resign or be removed.
May 10, 2021 statement from Debra Katz, attorney for Charlotte Bennett.

"The Governor's recent attacks on the Attorney General's investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment against him appear to be a play out of former President Trump's playbook: attack the accusers, attack the investigators, and ultimately, conduct an assault on the process.

"As the Governor himself acknowledged when the Attorney General launched her investigation in March, Letitia James is an extraordinarily competent Attorney General and has appointed two seasoned, highly regarded attorneys to carry out her investigation. The Governor's newfound accusations of political motivation are no more than a dangerous and transparent effort to undermine public confidence in the investigation to save his political career. They are also belied by the mountains of evidence already available to the public, including the Governor's admission that he "sometimes think[s] [he is] being playful" or "make[s] jokes that [he] think[s] are funny" that are of a sexual or sexually discriminatory nature, both of which violate the express terms of the New York State Equal Employment Opportunity Handbook.

"If the Attorney General's investigation finds that the Governor violated the New York State Human Rights Law, which we are confident it will, the Governor must resign. If he refuses to do so, the New York State Assembly must act immediately to remove him from office, without regard to its parallel investigation into these same allegations. No individual is above the law."