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Release: Accuser Lindsey Boylan says Cuomo is trying to redefine sexual harassment to save himself and 'using the power of his office to abuse and to validate abuse.'
May 13, 2021
CONTACT: Katie Baker
Boylan Calls Out Cuomo for Re-Defining Sexual Harassment Law

NEW YORK — Manhattan Borough President candidate Lindsey Boylan — a career urban planner, progressive Democrat, and former Deputy Secretary for Economic Development for the State of New York — today called out New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for attempting to re-write the definition of sexual harassment.

“The single most powerful man in New York is trying to play devil’s advocate for himself, contradicting a bill that he himself signed into law,” said Boylan. “From concealing nursing home deaths to denying multiple women’s accounts of abuse, Governor Cuomo’s Trumpian gaslighting sees new bounds seemingly every day as he attempts to re-write history and now re-write the law. We are tired. The women he abused are tired, but the governor’s national microphone makes his message far more damaging than just to the people he has directly abused. He is using the power of his office to abuse and to validate abuse. The governor should be removed.”

Boylan discussed her decision to come forward in an appearance on Fox5 earlier this week. She has previously called out his administration for securing VIP access for COVID tests, linking vaccine access to political support for the governor, and using state staff time to write his book and Big Real Estate’s poll.