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RELEASE: Assembly Republicans offer legislative agenda for 2022.
For Release: IMMEDIATELY, January 19, 2022
Contact: Michael Fraser, 518-455-3751 (office); 518-859-8518 (cell)


The Assembly Republican Review Committee (ARRC) has released its legislative agenda for 2022, which outlines the bills, programs and policies the Conference aims to prioritize during the year.

In addition to Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay (R,C,I-Pulaski) and Chairman Robert Smullen (R,C,I,SAM-Adirondack/Mohawk Valley Region), there are eight other Conference members on the ARRC panel who are tasked with developing and reviewing the legislation included in the roadmap.

“I am extremely proud of the hard work the committee and our Conference members have put into crafting this compilation of proposals. It is truly an enormous undertaking and the members’ care and attention to detail really show in the work,” said Leader Barclay. “As a Conference, we will work hard to bring the ideas laid out in this document to life, and I look forward to introducing them to our colleagues in the Legislature.”

“The 21st century brings with it new challenges, which our Conference is eager to address,” said Assemblyman Smullen. “To meet this moment and retain New York’s position as a leader of industry and innovation, we need to reimagine what it means to live, work and do business in our state, and we have a plan to do it. Our plan is based around three core tenets that guide our agenda, focusing on citizenship, economic freedom and life and liberty, offering a multitude of proposals to address issues that affect people from all corners of our state. I invite you to read through this publication with an open mind, to imagine what our state could look like if we simply try new solutions to our persisting problems and give New Yorkers a chance to lift themselves into prosperity along with their communities. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions, so open your imagination to see what is truly possible for this great state and its hardworking people.”

The committee works to create a blueprint of the Conference’s key proposals, which include a number of specific topics. The topics prioritized in the 2022 agenda are as follows:
Economic Development, Energy and Agriculture
Public Protection
Taxes and Mandate Relief
Government Reform
Education, Higher Education and Workforce Development
First Responders, Volunteers and Veterans
Health and Human Services
“As the 2022 Legislative Session kicks off, I am confident we can bring New York into a better future to address the needs of all New Yorkers,” said Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac). “Our Conference’s plan preserves peoples’ right to plan and pay for their health care as they see fit, protects their collectively bargained for private health plans, provides greater transparency and competition to drive down costs and increase access to meet the health care needs of the 21st century. It also provides a vision to move our state, counties and local governments forward to a place where we can address the issue of out-migration and the affordability crisis. This will help us create more jobs, more opportunity and keep more people right here in New York state.”

“I’m extremely honored to have been a part of the team putting together ARRC’s 2022 meaningful proposal for all New Yorkers,” said Assemblywoman Missy Miller (R,C,I-Atlantic Beach). “A few bills I’m particularly proud of would require medical professionals to receive developmental disabilities training (A.3983) and designate a family member or friend as an essential person for our loved ones in group homes to ensure they are getting the physical and emotional support they need (A.6109). As too many continue to struggle from the pandemic, this comprehensive plan is what’s needed to help New Yorkers move forward and recover.”

“What is at stake for us all in this upcoming session is tremendous, as we debate policies that will affect the existence of our farms and the safety of our streets,” said Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I-Schoharie). “This year is the year we need to put our foot down on behalf of our constituents and say enough is enough. We must return power to local governments and elected judges and stand up for the small businesses that have been subject to onerous mandates, stifling their success. Our voice is needed more than ever during this moment, and I intend to be as loud as possible on behalf of the silent majority who have had enough of the policies of Andrew Cuomo and his successor.”

“With the release of the ARRC agenda, it is my hope that the needs of New Yorkers are adequately addressed as the 2022 Legislative Session commences,” said Assemblyman Brian Miller (R,I,C-New Hartford). “Moving New York forward into the 21st century requires diligence from our Legislature to make sure all New Yorkers’ needs are met. Addressing broadband, inflation, unfunded mandates and upgrading and improving our infrastructure are all critical issues. Additionally, in the midst of our current health care crisis, it is important that we come out of this pandemic stronger and better equipped, which ARRC offers a clear vision for.”

“The time for one-size-fits-all mandates must come to an end this year, and we must work to reclaim the authority of our local judges and government officials to make the best decisions possible for the communities they live in,” said Assemblyman Doug Smith (R,C,I-Holbrook). “For far too long the full potential of our state has been held back by some of the worst overregulation and overtaxation seen in our nation, but this year our Conference has a plan to bring about a brighter future for New Yorkers. New Yorkers have tried and grown tired of overbearing Democrat policies. This year we have a chance to give people the means to better their own lives and their communities through ambition and hard work. All the while, we will work to repeal bail reform entirely and restore law and order to our towns, villages and cities.”

“As we move into our 2022 Legislative Session, the ARRC agenda will move New York and its residents forward, well into the future,” said Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (R,C,I-Lyons). “Instead of pushing people out, our agenda will help New York retain its children, families, seniors and veterans by putting their needs first and foremost. We will fight to bring back what we lost, and we will fight to make us the great Empire State once again. The best part of the agenda is that we keep taxpayer dollars in their pockets. We have a clear vision, and now we must see it through.”

“During such unprecedented times, it’s critical we take action to help New Yorkers from Buffalo to Long Island recover from the pandemic,” said Assemblyman Angelo Morinello (R,C,I-Niagara Falls). “I’m proud to join my colleagues in the Assembly Minority Conference to establish a thorough and effective plan that will help us overcome the hardships we’ve faced and move forward.”

“As New Yorkers continue to seek a path forward out of the pandemic, I am so proud that my colleagues have rallied around my Business Emergency Relief Act and other tax incentives I sponsor as leading solutions to help get our economy and small businesses back up and running,” said Assemblyman Mike Norris (R,I,C-Lockport). “I am also pleased to have the support of my colleagues on so many of my efforts to support New York’s volunteer firefighters and emergency responders. These hometown heroes are crucial to our communities, both in terms of providing life-saving services and helping to define what we call ‘home.’ This plan is a collaboration and I’ll continue to figh for these priorities with our entire Conference.”

The 2022 ARRC Legislative Agenda can be viewed here: