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Hochul bill signings on February 24, 2022, chapters #19-#137
The following bills were acted on by the Governor, Thursday, February 24th:

Chapter 19
A8592 Clark -- Relates to the state long-term care ombudsman program
Same as S 7777 MAY

Chapter 20
A8690 Cruz -- Relates to autism detection, education and mapping
Same as S 7815 PARKER

Chapter 21
A8693 Bronson -- Provides for alternative penalties for a first time violation of certain provisions of the alcoholic beverage control law
Same as S 7765 SKOUFIS

Chapter 22
A8694 Thiele -- Makes changes to the requirements relating to highway pavement and bridge condition reports required by the transportation department
Same as S 7791 KAPLAN

Chapter 23
A8698 Hunter -- Provides for a policy term of less than one year in certain situations
Same as S 7768 BRESLIN

Chapter 24
A8700 Dinowitz -- Relates to the crime of falsifying COVID-19 vaccination records
Same as S 7759 KAPLAN

Chapter 25
A8704 Lupardo -- Relates to operation of a three-wheeled vehicle
Same as S 7849 KENNEDY

Chapter 26
A8706 Jean-Pierre -- Relates to the issuance of diplomas to youth who are placed, committed, supervised, detained or confined in certain facilities
Same as S 7841 BRISPORT

Chapter 27
A8708 Bronson -- Relates to applications for attorney's fees in workers' compensation claims
Same as S 7762 GAUGHRAN

Chapter 28
A8710 Gunther -- Relates to the provision of records upon the receipt of a complaint of an incident of abuse or neglect of an individual with a disability
Same as S 7847 MANNION

Chapter 29
A8714 Burke -- Relates to the hiring of security guards by public sports venues with a capacity of at least sixty thousand people located in the county of Erie
Same as S 7832 KENNEDY

Chapter 30
A8716 Englebright -- Requires compilation of additional data on pesticides
Same as S 7781 KAMINSKY

Chapter 31
A8717 Englebright -- Relates to the designation of geologically significant areas, territories and sites throughout the state, and to establish a state geological trail
Same as S 7813 HINCHEY

Chapter 32
A8720 Englebright -- Relates to the responsibility of the department of environmental conservation to conduct a study on glass collection, processing and recycling
Same as S 7763 SANDERS

Chapter 33
A8721 Englebright -- Relates to the effectiveness of the prohibition on certain hotels making available to its hotel guests small plastic bottles containing hospitality personal care products
Same as S 7825 KAMINSKY

Chapter 34
A8724 Thiele -- Permits seaweed cultivation in underwater lands at Gardiner's and Peconic bays and commercial fishing licenses
Same as S 7833 KAMINSKY

Chapter 35
A8726 Jacobson -- Requires the workers' compensation board to appoint the uninsured employers' fund as the responsible party when the identity of the responsible insurance carrier cannot be determined
Same as S 7785 SKOUFIS

Chapter 36
A8728 Cusick -- Relates to the members of the veterans' mental health and suicide prevention task force
Same as S 7804 SANDERS

Chapter 37
A8732 Peoples-Stokes Relates to donate life registrations
Same as S 7890 HINCHEY

Chapter 38
A8739 Hevesi -- Relates to juvenile delinquency proceedings for certain acts committed by a sixteen or seventeen year old; amends the definition of juvenile delinquent
Same as S 7789 BAILEY

Chapter 39
A8744 McDonald -- Relates to reports by the division for small businesses
Same as S 7820 KAPLAN

Chapter 40
A8746 Galef -- Relates to the manufacture of seasonal and decorative lighting products containing lead; repealer.

Chapter 41
A8749 Cymbrowitz -- Authorizes additional supervision and regulation of mutual companies
Same as S 7831 KAVANAGH

Chapter 42
A8751 Pheffer Amato -- Relates to designated essential support persons for individuals with disabilities
Same as S 7884 ADDABBO

Chapter 43
A8754 Abinanti -- Relates to defining supermarket for the purposes of the supermarket excess edible food requirement
Same as S 7812 HARCKHAM

Chapter 44
A8762 Kelles -- Gives schools improved access to the statewide immunization database for the immunization records of certain children

Chapter 45
A8763 Paulin -- Relates to storm hardening and system resiliency plans
Same as S 7802 COMRIE

Chapter 46
A8764 Rosenthal L -- Relates to the frequency of updates on the report of a study regarding the assistance needed to encourage women and minorities to pursue technology careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
Same as S 7842 KAPLAN

Chapter 47
A8770 Clark -- Relates to securing grease traps and interceptors at food establishments; repealer
Same as S 7887 KENNEDY

Chapter 48
A8771 Perry -- Relates to modifying delinquent mortgage loans and single point of contact
Same as S 7793 SANDERS

Chapter 49
A8779 Thiele -- Relates to certain reports provided by the Long Island Power Authority
Same as S 7778 GAUGHRAN

Chapter 61
A8788 Woerner -- Relates to ambulance services which provide transportation by aircraft
Same as S 7839 HINCHEY

Chapter 62
A8794 Carroll -- Relates to subway track safety; repealer
Same as S 7822 COMRIE

Chapter 63
A8799 Cruz -- Incorporates identity theft into the definition of elder abuse for purposes of support services and programs for elder persons
Same as S 7779 MAY

Chapter 64
A8826 Burdick -- Relates to providing information regarding competency exams offered to qualified home health aides
Same as S 7888 HARCKHAM

Chapter 65
A8829 Burdick -- Relates to the construction of modular and manufactured housing
Same as S 7834 MAY

Chapter 66
A8839 Wallace -- Relates to posting of information relating to the long-term care ombudsman program
Same as S 7886 MAY

Chapter 67
A8847 Sillitti -- Updates the effectiveness and makes technical changes to the effective date language of S. 538-B and A. 4638-B
Same as S 7769 KAPLAN

Chapter 68
S7689 HINCHEY -- Requires the public service commission to initiate a proceeding to examine a process for streamlining actions related to utility pole attachments
Same as A 8756 Woerner

Chapter 69
S7690 SKOUFIS -- Relates to establishing a list of emerging contaminants
Same as A 8832 Gottfried

Chapter 70
S7694 RIVERA -- Relates to the screening of newborns for glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency
Same as A 8836 Gottfried

Chapter 71
S7696 BROUK -- Relates to pesticide use prohibited at certain children's camps
Same as A 8733 Paulin

Chapter 72
S7697 HINCHEY -- Relates to providing menstrual products at no cost to menstruating individuals receiving temporary shelter
Same as A 8783 Rosenthal L

Chapter 73
S7700 MAYER -- Relates to the New York state two hundred fiftieth commemoration commission
Same as A 8689 Woerner

Chapter 74
S7701 KAMINSKY -- Relates to electronic lease regulations
Same as A 8753 Cymbrowitz

Chapter 75
S7706 HARCKHAM -- Relates to veteran access to certain benefits
Same as A 8729 Cusick

Chapter 76
S7707 RYAN -- Relates to license and permit applications
Same as A 8695 Woerner

Chapter 77
S7708 RIVERA -- Relates to source plasma donation centers
Same as A 8837 Gottfried

Chapter 78
S7709 KAMINSKY -- Authorizes the assessor of the county of Nassau to accept from Mercy Medical Center an application for exemption from real property taxes
Same as A 8856 Solages

Chapter 79
S7710 KAPLAN -- Relates to the women veterans advisory committee
Same as A 8731 Wallace

Chapter 80
S7712 RAMOS -- Relates to written material provided to human trafficking victims
Same as A 8738 Hevesi

Chapter 81
S7713 ORTT -- Establishes a task force on veteran employment opportunities
Same as A 8730 Stern

Chapter 82
S7715 SKOUFIS -- Relates to including the name of the individual or business enterprise that has been awarded an identical or substantially similar procurement contract in certain notices of procurement contract opportunities
Same as A 8696 Zebrowski

Chapter 83
S7717 KAVANAGH -- Requires every general hospital and nursing home to comply with Medicare and Medicaid conditions of participation for antimicrobial stewardship programs in health care facilities
Same as A 8787 Woerner

Chapter 84
S7718 HINCHEY -- Relates to the New York state rural ambulance services task force
Same as A 8790 Santabarbara

Chapter 85
S7719 KENNEDY -- Relates to the private student loan refinance task force
Same as A 8800 Cruz

Chapter 86
S7720 THOMAS -- Relates to including the promotion and expansion of cricket in the state of New York
Same as A 8692 Rozic

Chapter 87
S7721 KENNEDY -- Relates to terminal rental adjustment clauses in motor vehicle leases
Same as A 9026 McDonald

Chapter 88
S7727 KAVANAGH -- Relates to reporting requirements regarding the obligation to affirmatively further fair housing
Same as A 8748 Cymbrowitz

Chapter 89
S7728 GAUGHRAN -- Relates to the attorney general entering into contracts with fair housing entities and providing certain reports
Same as A 8853 Jean-Pierre

Chapter 90
S7730 SKOUFIS -- Increases required training for real estate brokers and real estate salespeople to prevent discrimination
Same as A 8848 Cruz

Chapter 91
S7731 SKOUFIS -- Relates to the fee paid for issuing or reissuing a real estate broker or salesmen license
Same as A 8851 Jean-Pierre

Chapter 92
S7732 GAUGHRAN -- Relates to the study on the health impacts of John F. Kennedy international airport and LaGuardia airport
Same as A 8747 Griffin

Chapter 93
S7735 LIU -- Relates to grounds where no landlord-tenant relationships exist in cooperative apartments
Same as A 9020 Braunstein

Chapter 94
S7736 KAPLAN -- Amends the "Scott J. Beigel unfinished receiver act" relating to unserialized frames or receivers
Same as A 8741 Lavine

Chapter 95
S7738 BROOKS -- Relates to reporting of a veteran's suicide
Same as A 8715 Hunter

Chapter 96
S7760 GIANARIS -- Requires the division of criminal justice services to publish quarterly reports providing information related to firearms, rifles and shotguns used in the commission of crimes in the state of New York
Same as A 8735 Richardson

Chapter 97
S7761 SAVINO -- Makes care and services provided by licensed mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists eligible for coverage under the Medicaid program
Same as A 8702 Bronson

Chapter 98
S7764 COMRIE -- Relates to a construction industry advisory council on public contracting reform
Same as A 8831 Bichotte Hermelyn

Chapter 99
S7767 BRESLIN -- Relates to prescription drug formulary changes during a contract year; repealer
Same as A 8697 Peoples-Stokes

Chapter 100
S7770 GAUGHRAN -- Relates to defining cultural competency training for real estate brokers
Same as A 8845 Jean-Pierre

Chapter 101
S7771 HINCHEY -- Relates to the Nourish New York program and the hunger prevention and nutrition assistance program
Same as A 8705 Cruz

Chapter 102
S7775 HINCHEY -- Relates to the climate resilient farming initiative
Same as A 8766 Lupardo

Chapter 103
S7776 MAY -- Relates to the reimagining long-term care task force
Same as A 8798 Cruz

Chapter 104
S7780 SKOUFIS -- Provides for electronic notarization
Same as A 8691 Rozic

Chapter 105
S7783 ADDABBO -- Relates to the prohibition of the slaughter of race horses and race horse breeding stock
Same as A 8777 Pretlow

Chapter 106
S7784 RAMOS -- Relates to certain temporary retail permits issued by the state liquor authority to licensees located in a municipality having a population of one million or more persons
Same as A 8699 Dickens

Chapter 107
S7786 KRUEGER -- Relates to the notification of certain state agencies of a breach of the security system or a breach of the security network
Same as A 8793 Otis

Chapter 108
S7787 HOYLMAN -- Requires the office of information technology services to advise all state agencies in the implementation of language translation technology
Same as A 8742 Niou

Chapter 109
S7788 HARCKHAM -- Provides that one hundred percent of in-state sales of new passenger cars and trucks shall be zero-emissions by two thousand thirty-five
Same as A 8718 Englebright

Chapter 110
S7794 MANNION -- Establishes a living allowance for adults with developmental disabilities
Same as A 8841 Woerner

Chapter 111
S7795 KAVANAGH -- Excludes certain seasonal use tenancies from the provisions regulating deposits and advances for residential dwelling units
Same as A 8850 Thiele

Chapter 112
S7796 BROOKS -- Amends the definition of disguised gun to include any firearms that are designed and intended to appear to be a toy gun
Same as A 8736 Stern

Chapter 113
S7798 HINCHEY -- Requires reporting on excessive alcohol consumption and opioid overuse data
Same as A 8776 Rosenthal L

Chapter 114
S7800 RAMOS -- Relates to the child poverty reduction advisory council
Same as A 8830 Bronson

Chapter 115
S7803 SKOUFIS -- Amends the definition of a "public body"
Same as A 8703 Paulin

Chapter 116
S7805 GIANARIS Relates to public hearings on proposed rules
Same as A 8796 Mamdani

Chapter 117
S7806 GIANARIS -- Changes the effective date of bills numbers S1027A and A7931
Same as A 8789 Carroll

Chapter 118
S7807 HOYLMAN -- Relates the "hate crimes analysis and review act"
Same as A 8701 Reyes

Chapter 119
S7811 MAYER -- Relates to prevailing wage on public works worksites for work involving the hauling and delivery of aggregate supply construction materials
Same as A 8727 Bronson

Chapter 120
S7814 HINCHEY -- Requires the department of agriculture and markets to develop and maintain a directory of New York state farms and farm products
Same as A 8778 Septimo

Chapter 121
S7816 KAMINSKY -- Relates to compensation disclosures by certain gas corporations, electric corporations, water-works and steam corporations
Same as A 8780 Thiele

Chapter 122
S7817 SAVINO -- Relates to a study of the delivery of medical care in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Same as A 8774 Fall

Chapter 123
S7821 SALAZAR -- Relates to the collection of certain demographic information by certain state agencies, boards and commissions
Same as A 8743 Niou

Chapter 124
S7823 SANDERS -- Creates an advisory group which shall produce a report on improving urban and rural consumer access to locally produced, healthy foods
Same as A 8765 Lupardo

Chapter 125
S7824 BIAGGI -- Relates to a strategic action plan created by the metropolitan transportation authority to develop which improves bicycle and pedestrian access at its bridges and passenger stations
Same as A 9036 Gonzalez-Rojas

Chapter 126
S7827 KAMINSKY -- Relates to aquatic invasive species inspection stations and spread prevention efforts
Same as A 8755 Jones

Chapter 127
S7835 RIVERA -- Relates to accreditation, approval, and operation of midwifery birth centers
Same as A 8835 Gottfried

Chapter 128
S7837 BRESLIN -- Provides for pharmacy benefit management and the procurement of prescription drugs at a negotiated rate for dispensation
Same as A 8838 Gottfried

Chapter 129
S7838 BRESLIN -- Relates to the peer-to-peer car sharing program act; repealer
Same as A 8828 Cahill

Chapter 130
S7840 RIVERA -- Relates to expenses for potable water testing
Same as A 8833 Gottfried

Chapter 131
S7843 RAMOS -- Requires the workers' compensation board to provide translations of certain documents and forms
Same as A 8791 Rozic

Chapter 132
S7845 MYRIE -- Extends provisions relating to electronic absentee ballot applications
Same as A 8784 Walker

Chapter 133
S7846 BRISPORT -- Relates to the focus of the child care availability taskforce
Same as A 8740 Clark

Chapter 134
S7848 MANNION -- Relates to the appointment of members to the developmental disabilities advisory council
Same as A 8752 Abinanti

Chapter 135
S7850 BROUK -- Repeals article 6-B of the county law; and relates to a 9-8-8 suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline system
Same as A 8711 Gunther

Chapter 136
S7882A GOUNARDES -- Relates to amending the comprehensive insurance disclosure act
Same as A 8852-A Lunsford

Chapter 137
S7885 RIVERA -- Relates to applications for certain hospital projects
Same as A 8834 Gottfried