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In testimony at Assembly hearing, New York State Academy of Family Physicians (NYSAFP) member Dr. William Klepack endorsed single payer universal healthcare.
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New York State Academy of Family Physicians


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December 4, 2014 Vito Grasso (518) 469-5237

Local Family Physician Testifies at Assembly Hearing on Single Payer Healthcare

Syracuse, N.Y. Today, New York State Academy of Family Physicians (NYSAFP) member, Dr. William Klepack who practices in Dryden, New York testified at a public hearing held by the Assembly Committee on Health. The Syracuse-based hearing focused on state legislation “New York Health,” sponsored by Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried, to establish a single payer healthcare system in New York. NYSAFP represents nearly 6,000 physicians, residents and students in family medicine across the State. Support for a single payer (or Medicare for all) system in New York has been a longstanding priority for NYSAFP.

While testifying, Dr. Klepack explained that NYSAFP was one of the first physician organizations in the state to endorse the Single Payer health care concept seeing it as the best way to control costs and insure long-term survival of universal, comprehensive coverage for all New Yorkers.

“Maintaining or tinkering with the current system of cost control and administrative excess will either end up bankrupting or chipping away at existing coverage which is cost prohibitive and leaves many citizens underinsured,” said Dr. Klepack. “The current system is not working and we should not take a failure and make it a bigger failure. We need true reform and healthcare that is both affordable and provides real coverage for patients not only for their primary and preventive care needs but also when facing a very serious illness or injury.”

Under the “New York Health” Single Payer proposal, every New Yorker would qualify for comprehensive health insurance. It would be publicly funded and paid for by assessments based on income and through federal and state funding currently used for public health programs like Medicaid. Such a system would eliminate the varying administrative practices of multiple health plans which add unnecessary expense to the system and serve only to delay or deny care. Also it would afford physicians, for the first time, the right to collectively bargain with the Single Payer not only related to fees but other terms and conditions of care to be provided. This would enable physicians to resist unnecessary bureaucracy and administrative requirements and to better advocate on behalf of the patients we serve.

Dr Klepack stated, “The Affordable Care Act has helped many but not all hardworking Americans get insurance for the first time and it has not adequately addressed the factors driving up the cost for drugs and services which make our system so expensive for our citizens to afford.”

Under “New York Health,” healthcare providers and the public will have a true stake in the success of the State’s healthcare system. There will be a shared responsibility in ensuring that it meets the needs of those it is meant to serve and keeps the cost of the system in line with available resources. After examining many proposals, NYSAFP firmly believes that a Single Payer is the best mechanism for achieving universal health coverage. NYSAFP strongly urges enactment of “New York Health.”