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NYSASBO releases report on impact of Cuomo tax cap on school districts.
Text of press release.

[CLICK HERE] to see the report in PDF format.

New York Property Tax Cap
Implications for School Districts


In a collaboration of NYSUT, the Fiscal Policy Institute and Cornell University, a mix of local and state-level analysts interested in quality local services funded with public dollars convened to assess the impact of recent state policies to provide tax relief to local governments. The New York State Association of School Business Officials participated in a panel on the Tax Cap on December 9, 2014 in Saratoga Springs and presented findings and recommendations related to New York State public school districts.

This article addresses the following questions:

What are effects of New York State tax policies on school districts?
What are creative local responses to state austerity?
How are education and tax relief balanced in other states?
What changes would better balance education and tax relief in New York State?