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NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo speaks to troopers, NYPD PBA about police/civilian deaths, DOCCS Dannemora prison break.
NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo speaks to troopers, NYPD PBA about police/civilian deaths, DOCCS Dannemora prison break.

By Kyle Hughes

ALBANY, N.Y. (September 3) The deaths of police and civilians as well as the Dannemora DOCCS prison break provided a somber backdrop Thursday as Gov. Andrew Cuomo addressed a new class of state troopers, then spoke to a police union convention.

"The relationship between the police and the community is a door that swings both ways, and it is built on trust and it is built on respect and that trust and that respect is mutual and it goes both ways," Cuomo told the NYPD PBA leaders and Commissioner Bill Bratton, who were holding a convention at a hotel in Colonie.

"It is incredibly difficult to do what you do and I will support you every step of the way you have always stood with me and I will always stand with you," Cuomo said.

The PBA, which has backed Cuomo through his political career, presented him with an award as "man of the year."

The NYPD has had a difficult year, facing protests over the Eric Garner death caught on video and, in December, the point-blank execution of two on duty officers in Brooklyn just before Christmas. The PBA and rank and file members have also bristled at remarks critical of the police by Mayor Bill de Blasio, with whom Cuomo is openly feuding.

Earlier, at the State Police ceremony graduating 199 new troopers, Cuomo praised the actions of the trooper who shot and captured David Sweat, who was serving a life sentence without parole for killing a Broome County deputy sheriff.

"While it entailed thousands of troopers and all sorts of sophisticated equipment and all sorts of coordination, the way it ended was the essence of the history of the New York State Troopers," Cuomo said. "One trooper, one sergeant, on patrol in a vehicle alone with no backup came across one of the inmates and handling the situation alone. In a rural part of the state, backup was miles and miles away, in a field. Just him and a man he knew was a dangerous killer."

"Sgt. Jay Cook, one person alone, took down Mr. Sweat and returned him to justice," Cuomo said. "And that in many ways is the story of the State Police."