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Building Trades Council calls on Encon to approve Constitution Pipeline project.
Text of April 13 press release.

New York State Building Trades President James Cahill issued the
following statement:

"It is time for the New York State Department of Environmental
Conservation to give the green light to the Constitution Pipeline.
The construction phase will provide much needed employment in the hard
hit Southern Tier, creating 1,300 construction jobs plus another 1,100
indirect jobs. It also means low cost, clean burning natural gas and a
more secure future for over 3,000 employees at two of the regionís
largest employers, Amphenol Aerospace and Raymond Corporation. These
factories have been hanging on, waiting for the affordable natural gas
the pipeline will bring. Communities along the pipeline route will
also benefit from the tens of millions of dollars they will receive in
school tax and property tax revenue from the pipeline. The
Constitution Pipeline will also make it possible for new businesses to
set up shop in New York, bringing more jobs and more tax revenue to
the Southern Tier. Our Laborers, Pipefitters and Operating Engineers
stand ready to build this state-of-the-art pipeline with the highest
safety standards. This pipeline is a necessity - clean energy,
renewables, solar and wind projects can only happen if a low cost
source of natural gas is part of the equation. Itís time to move
forward. If we build it, all is possible."


Andrew Mangini