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Senate Majority Leader Flanagan criticizes Cuomo backing of Senate Democrats, call them an appendage of de Blasio.
Text of October 26 press release.

Text of October 26 press release.


The Senate Democrats are an appendage of Bill de Blasio and City Hall, and it is unfathomable why Governor Cuomo woudl want to place de Blasio in charge of setting the state's agenda by electing Senate Democrats. Their extreme agenda is to tax the life out of hardworking, overburdened New Yorkers and impose upon New York radical policies that the vast majority of people who live here don't want.

The Senate Democrat candidates have records of being investigated for corruption, hypocrisy and lying to the public, and of imposing massive tax hikes on hardworking New Yorkers. It is disturbing that the Governor believes that the radical and extreme agenda backed by the Senate Democrats is the right one for the people of this state.

Senate Republicans are going to win because we are focused on making this state more affordable, providing opportunities for our residents to succeed and get aheadd, and cleaning up corruption so New Yorkers can once again have faith and trust in their government.