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Release: Bernie Sanders spinoff group 'Our Revolution' backs Nixon challenge to Cuomo.
For Immediate Release
May 14, 2018

Our Revolution Endorses Cynthia Nixon for Governor

Organization built out of Senator Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign has thousands of grassroots members across the state mobilizing ahead of the primary

NEW YORK, NY -- Democratic candidate for governor Cynthia Nixon was endorsed today by Our Revolution. Our Revolution is the spin off of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential run and endorses candidates committed to his same vision of bold progressive change. Cynthia is also endorsed by all 32 New York State Our Revolution local groups.

“Cynthia Nixon is a lifelong progressive who has spent years working on educational equity. She is a bold progressive who is running in the spirit of Senator Bernie Sanders,” said Our Revolution President, Nina Turner. “Cynthia is running to be a governor for the people, not for the billionaires and corporations who have held influence over New York's Democratic establishment for far too long.”

“It is unconscionable that a state with Democratic leadership would have the worst income inequality in the entire country,” Turner added. “Cynthia's support of marijuana legalization and decriminalization, expanding rent stabilization laws statewide, and ending cash bail will give justice to people who for decades have been forced to struggle for survival as corporations and billionaires continue to get rich. The people of New York need a leader at the helm who hears their voice and will use that power to enact public policies that will improve their lives. Cynthia Nixon is that leader.”

Cynthia is joining the ranks of hundreds of other progressive candidates running for office across the country that have been endorsed by the group. Both Our Revolution and Cynthia agree that in New York and across the country we need to elect progressive leaders to address a rigged political system and growing economic inequality. Cynthia’s campaign is about New Yorkers coming together to end racial, economic, and gender inequality across the state.

New York is the most unequal state in the country and Cynthia has made addressing this gap a key part of her platform. Cynthia’s platform includes: finally making good on the Campaign for Fiscal Equity Lawsuit to make sure schools across the state are adequately funded regardless of zip code, a rent justice plan to address the state affordability crisis and skyrocketing rents, fixing our subways and our crumbling statewide infrastructure, community-based economic development that invests in people and jobs instead of funneling millions and even billions of dollars to the Governor’s cronies for little in return, and making millionaires, billionaires and corporations start to pay their fair share in taxes. As governor, Cynthia also plans to transition to 100% renewable energy and move towards a single-payer, Medicare For All style system.

“The activists, grassroots organizers, and leaders of Our Revolution are at the heart of the progressive movement in this country, and I’m proud to join them in the fight to create a more democratic Democratic Party,” said Cynthia Nixon. “We’re running a campaign that’s powered by the people, not corporate contributions. I am thrilled to work with Our Revolution and bring the political revolution to New York.”

This marks the third major national endorsement Cynthia has received since announcing her bid for governor, including Democracy for America and Daily Kos. In the last few days, she’s received endorsements from The Broadway Democrats, Village Independent Democrats and Three Parks Independent Democrats. This adds to an even longer list of endorsements over the last few weeks, including the New Kings Democrats (NKD), Council Member Carlos Menchaca, the Working Families Party, Make the Road Action, Citizens Action, and the New York Progressive Action Network, with more announcements expected in the coming weeks.