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Academy of Family Physicians offers condolences on death of Dr. Tracy Tam, killed by Bronx Lebanon Hospital gunman.
NYS Academy of Family Physicians

For Immediate Release
July 1, 2017
Contact: Vito Grasso, NYSAFP, EVP #518-469-5237,

Sarah Nosal, MD, President

"On behalf of its nearly 6,000 family physician members, residents and students statewide, the New York State Academy of Family Physicians expresses its deepest condolences on the recent death of Dr. Tracy Tam, while working in the Family Medicine Department at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. We also express concern and sympathy for those who were injured during the tragic events that took place on June 30th at the hospital.

Our hearts go out to Dr. Tam's family, friends and co-workers and we praise Dr. Tam for her selfless dedication to healing others and to improving her community. Dr. Tam has been described by those who worked with her most closely as being, 'sincere and kindhearted with a lightness of spirit guided by her laser focus to serve and help others. She was so loved, admired and respected and will be sorely missed.'

I and many other active leaders of the Academy are employed by Bronx Lebanon Hospital. Together, we help support its Family Medicine Department and Family Medicine Residency program which is focused on training and cultivating new leaders in family medicine and bringing primary care and other comprehensive medical services to the greater Bronx community we serve.

The Academy actively promotes its strong policy against workplace violence and the need to proactively pursue preventative measures. We are committed to working with hospitals, medical practices and others in our communities to ensure that the places where our members and other medical professionals provide health care and healing are safe and secure. The Academy stands ready to support all family physicians, residents and students who worked with Dr. Tam and others injured at Bronx Lebanon Hospital to assist them during this very difficult time."