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Release: Nixon says Cuomo's campaign stumbled badly this week.
July 19, 2018

Governor Cuomo Loses Control of His Own Campaign

After 57 hours of blunders, it’s no wonder he won’t agree to a debate.

NEW YORK, NY - In the last three days, Governor Cuomo and his campaign have committed a devastating series of unforced errors:

The campaign made a failed, sloppy, sham attempt to show small-dollar, grassroots enthusiasm for the Governor.

In a Trumpian move, when a reporter pressed Cuomo about his campaign’s lies about their small dollar donations, the Governor referenced a lawsuit he had against the reporter’s outlet, in an apparent attempt to intimidate. Governor Cuomo’s staff later said he was joking.

In a press call that the Governor convened for the express purpose of slamming President Trump, the Governor refused to call for Trump’s impeachment.

Today, a City Councilman said the campaign attributed a quote to him in a press release without his permission - this after the campaign was criticized for falsely claiming an endorsement from Indivisible Brooklyn.

When asked today about whether or not he’d debate Cynthia, Cuomo stumbled and said it wasn’t up to him.

He desperately tried to distance himself from Alain Kaloyeros -- a man he once described as a genius, New York’s separate weapon, and someone he and his father fought over credit for -- as “that SUNY professor.”

Cynthia spokeswoman Lauren Hitt released the following statement on the Governor’s 57 hours of disaster.

“The Governor goes on and on about his experience -- but from the MTA, to the corrupt Buffalo Billion, to his own reelection campaign, everything he manages has been a disaster. This is what happens when government turns dynastic. The governor got this job and every other job he’s ever had because of his father -- so he never actually had to learn to govern. He’s tried to make up for that by being a bully and raising a war chest so massive that it would scare away any opposition, but now that he’s got a real race on his hands, Cuomo’s house of cards is falling.”