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Release: Nixon says Cuomo is dodging reporters. She says he doesn't want to talk about his lack of small donors.
July 20, 2018

Cuomo Dodges Reporters Over Donation Questions

Cynthia received more individual donations in the last 72 hours than Cuomo has received all year

NEW YORK - Today, Governor Cuomo canceled a scheduled media scrum, likely out of a desire to avoid a fourth day of stories on his small dollar donation debacle. When pressed by reporters yesterday about his campaign’s sham attempt to show small-dollar, grassroots enthusiasm, the Governor exploded. In a Trumpian move, the Governor referenced a lawsuit he had against one reporter’s outlet, in an apparent attempt to intimidate. Governor Cuomo’s staff later said he was joking.

Meanwhile, Cynthia Nixon received more individual donations in the last 72 hours than Governor Cuomo received all year - more than 3,164. The average donation was $19.54 and 96.63% of those donations were under $100.

“After this week, there’s no doubt that not only does the Governor have no grassroots enthusiasm, but he is completely terrified of the army of excited and engaged New Yorkers lining up behind Cynthia,” said Cynthia spokeswoman Lauren Hitt. “The only explanation for Cuomo’s innumerable unforced errors this week is that his campaign is in full panic mode. Despite what the Governor or his staff may be saying publicly, he knows his third term is in jeopardy.”