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Release: Molinaro names Lynn Krogh campaign manager, McLaughlin as pollster, O'Reilly as communications director, Rollins as fundraising chief.
NYSNYS News 6/15/2018

Release: Failla LGBTQ Commission of the New York State Courts 2018 lists LGBTQ Pride Month Events on June 12-15, June 18-19, June 27-28.
NYSNYS News 6/12/2018

Document: Bill memo, bill text of A11144 sports betting legislation introduced on June 8, 2018.
NYSNYS News 6/9/2018

Release: Senator Krueger among panelists at June 4 program in Albany on sexual harassment legislation. Event is moderated by WCNY's Susan Arbetter.
NYSNYS News 6/2/2018

Release: Nixon mass transit plan. 'The subway has become a symbol of Governor Cuomo’s disastrous austerity budgets that were balanced on the backs of millions of working New Yorkers.'
NYSNYS News 6/1/2018

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Friday, May 25, 2018.
NYSNYS News 5/26/2018

CONVENTION2018: Molinaro says Cuomo should apologize for joking in speech that his brother Chris is adopted & disabled, 'found in a basket on our front door when he was 16... He has certain development issues.'
NYSNYS News 5/25/2018

Release: Working Families Party says Cuomo is making AG candidate Tish James 'jump through hoops that he would never ask a white man to do...just like when he kept white male Republican leadership in the State Senate.'
NYSNYS News 5/17/2018

Release: Bernie Sanders spinoff group 'Our Revolution' backs Nixon challenge to Cuomo.
NYSNYS News 5/14/2018

Releases: Letters, statement in Cuomo, Vance dispute over investigation of Schneiderman.
NYSNYS News 5/10/2018

Release: NYSASBO reports school district proposed average tax levy increase of 2.4 percent.
NYSNYS News 5/5/2018

Release: Senator Holyman says he has named abortion provider Meera Shah, MD as a Senate Woman of Distinction.
NYSNYS News 5/2/2018

Release: DiNapoli report on $163 billion budget2018. Plan increases funding for programs, allows more borrowing and limits transparency of state spending.
NYSNYS News 4/29/2018

Release: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rebukes Cuomo for 'grandstanding' remarks following arrest of criminal aliens. Cuomo 'comments were inaccurate and an insult to ICE's sworn law enforcement officers.'
NYSNYS News 4/26/2018

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Friday, April 20, 2018.
NYSNYS News 4/21/2018

SENATE DEMOCRATS: Alessandra Biagga says IDC's 'Klein got his hand caught in the cookie jar... they are afraid of losing their jobs.'
NYSNYS News 4/5/2018

Release: Cuomo Youtube video, WNYC transcript, statement on 'March for Our Lives' anti-gun protest.
NYSNYS News 3/25/2018

Release: Cuomo proposes $250 million for NYC Housing Authority improvements. Release, transcript, Youtube videos included. Tenants in 'NYCHA housing deserve better than what they're getting from their elected leaders.'
NYSNYS News 3/18/2018

NYSNYS NEWS DAYBOOK for Sunday, March 18, 2018.
NYSNYS News 3/18/2018

NYSNYS NEWS INSIDE THE LCA: TImes Union changes, reporters leaving, Cuomo's dog.
NYSNYS News 3/17/2018

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo takes seven questions for just 9 minutes about Percoco felony conviction. In NYC, he is not asked about many of the revelations from the trial. Transcript included of Q&A.
NYSNYS News 3/15/2018

Release: Cuomo transcript and Youtube video of remarks March 10 at Somos el Futuro dinner in Albany.
NYSNYS News 3/11/2018

Cuomo signs executive order banning state from doing business with companies accused of discrimination. He also announces bill to prohibit 'gay panic' defense in criminal cases.
NYSNYS News 2/4/2018

Release: Transcript of Cuomo Budget Director Bob Mujica on Arbetter radio show January 18. Topic is state tax changes in aftermath of federal tax law.
NYSNYS News 1/19/2018

Release: Medical Society (MSSNY) report says physicians support 688,760 jobs, 
generate $141.2 billion in economic activity.
NYSNYS News 1/10/2018

Release: Authorities Budget Office issues report critical of Development Chenango Corp.
NYSNYS News 1/6/2018

Release: Flanagan offers Senate agenda for 2018 session, 'Blueprint for a Stronger New York.'
NYSNYS News 1/3/2018

Release and video: Assembly GOP minority leader Brian Kolb (R-Canandaigua) announces candidacy for governor.
NYSNYS News 12/12/2017

Cuomo releases transcript of his telephone press conference call December 4 with CA Gov. Brown and NJ Gov.-elect Murphy. Brown compares Republicans to 'mafia thugs.'
NYSNYS News 12/5/2017

Release: Former DiNapoli aide Navnoor Kang pleads guilty to participating in a massive “pay-for-play” bribery scheme involving the NYSCRF, the nation’s third largest public pension fund.
NYSNYS News 11/10/2017

Release: Schneiderman IT deputy testifies as Congressional hearing on Equifax data hack.
NYSNYS News 10/25/2017

Release: SUNY Rockefeller Institute reports 34 counties submitted shared services plans with estimated $208 million in savings.
NYSNYS News 10/17/2017

Release: NYSAC offers guiding principles for tax reform, in light of a visit by Vice President Mike Pence to WNY. Group is concerned about loss of SALT deductibility.
NYSNYS News 10/16/2017

Release: Cuomo says 'targeted federal attacks' will cost NYS $21.1 billion annually. Transcript included of his remarks about deductibility, DSH, CHIP, Obamacare repeal and replace.
NYSNYS News 10/4/2017

New York State Register September 27, 2017/Vol. XXXIX, Issue 39.
NYSNYS News 10/1/2017

NYSASBO report details demographic changes affecting rural school districts in NYS. Report attached as PDF.
NYSNYS News 8/12/2017

NYSAC says county shared services plans deadline is August 1.
NYSNYS News 8/1/2017

NYSNYS NEWS INSIDE THE LCA: Newspaper reporters now a minority in the LCA. New reporters hired, one fired. Politico reporter goes to Law Journal.
NYSNYS News 7/28/2017

NYRA lists nearly 40 local and regional non-profit organizations that will participate in community outreach booth at Saratoga this racing season.
NYSNYS News 7/23/2017

NYSNYS NEWS WEEK IN REVIEW for July 8-14: Silver wins appeal. Cuomo corruption trials may be pushed to 2018. 'Summer of hell' sees slip in polls for Cuomo.
NYSNYS News 7/15/2017

Academy of Family Physicians offers condolences on death of Dr. Tracy Tam, killed by Bronx Lebanon Hospital gunman.
NYSNYS News 7/3/2017

Academy of Family Physicians offers condolences on death of Dr. Tracy Tam, killed by Bronx Lebanon Hospital gunman.
NYSNYS News 7/2/2017

NYSNYS NEWS: NY pols turning to use of word 'fuck' to make public political points. Gillibrand posts video of herself cursing on Twitter.
NYSNYS News 6/23/2017

Transcript of de Blasio WNYC radio program June 22 with callers asking about mayoral control fo schools, Rikers, mass transit crisis in NYC. Mayor says Cuomo controls buses, subways.
NYSNYS News 6/23/2017

Cuomo announces latest response to NYC MTA mass transit subway crisis: Statement from governor, wth reaction from Gianaris, Riders Alliance, TWU union, Partnership for NYC.
NYSNYS News 6/21/2017

State Police announce 205th graduating class of 192 new troopers from Basic School.
NYSNYS News 5/10/2017

Empire Center releases report critical of prevailing wage mandate for governments, calling it wasteful -- inflating construction costs by 13-25 percent.
NYSNYS News 4/24/2017

Sloop Clearwater holding April 19 press conference in LOB LCA room
NYSNYS News 4/18/2017

Geothermal energy conference scheduled for Albany April 19-20.
NYSNYS News 4/13/2017

Cuomo op-ed says GOP must get smart or they will be losers yet again.
NYSNYS News 3/29/2017

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo cheers failure of Obamacare repeal bill, calling deliberations a 'disgusting display.'
NYSNYS News 3/25/2017

NYSNYS NEWS DAYBOOK for Wednesday, March 22, 2017.
NYSNYS News 3/22/2017

Cuomo calls Trump budget proposal 'dangerous, reckless and contemptuous of American values.' He opposes funding for the military, calling it 'brandishing fist at the world.'
NYSNYS News 3/17/2017

Transcript of Trump Make America Great Again rally March 15 in Nashville.
NYSNYS News 3/17/2017

NCSL releases estimate of impact of military budget on states, including NY.
NYSNYS News 3/17/2017

Congressional Budget Office releases report on fiscal impact of Obamacare repeal and replace bill, aka Trumpcare.
NYSNYS News 3/14/2017

NYRA announces partnership with Hoppegarten Racecourse in Berlin, Germany.
NYSNYS News 3/2/2017

DiNapoli releases report on school finance trends.
NYSNYS News 2/28/2017

CAUCUS WEEKEND: Transcript of de Blasio at DC37 reception. 'People with power want to undermine us, they want to undermine working people, they want to undermine people of colo.r'
NYSNYS News 2/19/2017

NYSNYS NEWS: Protesters call for repeal of law allowing men to marry children in NYS.
NYSNYS News 2/15/2017

LCA radio shows for February 2: Arbetter has CICU, Immigrant Coalition, CUNY Chancellor Milliken, Manhattan Institute. Dicker has E.J. McMahon.
NYSNYS News 2/2/2017

NYSNYS NEWS: Momentive strikers go door to door in CEO's wealthy Saratoga neighborhood, drawing angry response.
NYSNYS News 1/24/2017

Federal prosecutor's office in Eastern District of NY announces former Senate Democratic leader John Sampson gets five years in federal prison on corruption convictions.
NYSNYS News 1/19/2017

NYSNYS NEWS AUDIO: Cuomo budget2017 briefing at the Governor's Mansion the night of January 17. Part 2 of 2, Q&A with invited reporters. 41 minutes.
NYSNYS News 1/18/2017

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo gives final SOS2017 speech at SUNY Albany, where Poly is at center of corruption scandal. He promises ethics reforms.
NYSNYS News 1/11/2017

NYSNYS NEWS: After heckling in 2016 and threat of a boycott in 2017, Cuomo reboots staid, stodgy and slightly stale State of the State ritual.
NYSNYS News 12/31/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: At funeral service, pioneering Albany journalist Betty Flood Morrow remembered for help she gave to efforts to fight poverty in Albany.
NYSNYS News 12/21/2016

Obituary of Betty Flood, 85, trailblazing woman journalist in the LCA.
NYSNYS News 12/16/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo ducks reporters in first public appearance since ex-aides, donors indicted on corruption charges a week ago.
NYSNYS News 11/30/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Hoosick region residents assail Cuomo, NYS Health Department response to year-old drinking water contamination crisis.
NYSNYS News 11/22/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Outside of NYC, no legal barriers in NY to cooperation with Trump plan to deport up to 3 million illegal immigrants in U.S. with criminal past.
NYSNYS News 11/19/2016

MIPAC, The Manufacturing & Industry Political Action Committee, announces Senate, Assembly endorsements.
NYSNYS News 11/2/2016

Compassion & Choices holding 11 a.m. press conference in NYC and Dia de lose Muertos procession.
NYSNYS News 11/1/2016

Wendy Long, Sen. Charles Schumer to debate on Time Warner Cable News October 30 at Union College in Schenectady.
NYSNYS News 10/28/2016

Senate Majority Leader Flanagan criticizes Cuomo backing of Senate Democrats, call them an appendage of de Blasio.
NYSNYS News 10/26/2016

Cuomo says NYS will offer personnel and assistance to Florida and other states affected by Hurricane Matthew. He also solicits Haiti donations.
NYSNYS News 10/7/2016

Cuomo's office issues statement on Bridgegate federal trial testimony, calls claim of collusion 'false and delusional.'
NYSNYS News 10/5/2016

ALBANY CORRUPTION: Former SUNY Poly President and Cuomo aide Kaloyeros says on Facebook those kicking him when he is down 'are fucked' when he is back on his feet.
NYSNYS News 9/30/2016

NY amateur radio operators participating in national exercise October 1 to test emergency communications.
NYSNYS News 9/30/2016

USDA designates 15 NY counties as primary natural disaster areas. Cuomo followup release included.
NYSNYS News 8/31/2016

Cuomo releases: Italy earthquake, Taste NY at PGA event, pedestrian safety enforcement, Mohawk Valley addiction clubhouse.
NYSNYS News 8/25/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Clinton, Cuomo haunted by ghosts from the past as focus of campaigns turns to dismal state economy north of NYC.
NYSNYS News 8/13/2016

DFS announces 2017 health insurance rates.
NYSNYS News 8/5/2016

Senator Murphy opposes Coast Guard plan to create Hudson River anchorage for barges.
NYSNYS News 8/5/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Advocates urge Cuomo to sign 'step therapy' drug bill to let doctors and patients choose medications, not health insurance companies.
NYSNYS News 8/3/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Victims of horrific crimes offer thanks to NYS Office of Victims Services on 50th anniversary.
NYSNYS News 8/3/2016

Cuomo Medicaid Redesign Director Helgerson delivered keynote on the state of Medicaid in NYS at a United Hospital Fund event July 14. PDF of the slide show is attached.
NYSNYS News 7/28/2016

SUNY Albany President Jones announces he is leaving in September for new job at University of Illinois.
NYSNYS News 7/19/2016

De Blasio signs bill increasing access to feminine hygiene products for students, homeless women, inmates.
NYSNYS News 7/13/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Gillibrand meeting on Hoosick Falls water crisis opens with walkout by residents. She does not mention Cuomo, but faults government handling of situation.
NYSNYS News 7/8/2016

SUNY Rockefeller Institute revenue report finds slow growth, decline.
NYSNYS News 6/30/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: SUNY ESC offering online course on Custer's Last Stand from perspective of Indian victors.
NYSNYS News 6/15/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Brunch bill endorsed by bars and restaurants, Cuomo. Measure would permits alcohol sales now prohibited on Sunday mornings as last vestige of Prohibition.
NYSNYS News 6/14/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: After a year of scandal, prison sentences and no ethics reform, NYS legislators in line for a big pay raise.
NYSNYS News 6/10/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Legislature and Cuomo quietly ending 2016 legislative session tainted by scandal.
NYSNYS News 6/10/2016

White House releases transcript of Obama remarks on June 8 at DNC event at private residence of 'Ken and Katherine' in NYC. No last name nor location given.
NYSNYS News 6/9/2016

Schneiderman advisory Tim Wu sends new Time Warner Cable Owner Charter a letter about its poor service. 'TWC has earned the miserable reputation it enjoys among consumers.'
NYSNYS News 6/9/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Oil train opponents rally outside Encon HQ, urging agency to reject a proposal to ship Canadian tar sand oil through NYS.
NYSNYS News 6/8/2016

Cuomo signs executive order to ban investment of state funds or assets with institutions or companies that 'participate in boycott, divestment, or sanctions activity targeting Israel, either directly or through a parent or subsidiary' (BDS)
NYSNYS News 6/5/2016

Clinton holding primary night event in NYC on June 7.
NYSNYS News 6/4/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: As investigations swirl around him, Cuomo says he will 'throw the book' at aides who broke any laws. Citing his '100 percent integrity,' he portrays himself as victim of latest Albany mess.
NYSNYS News 5/30/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Advocates call for 911 reporting law for abuse of developmentally disabled in state custody.
NYSNYS News 5/24/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Albany corruption and ethical lapses have been a constant during five years of Cuomo's tenure, but 2016 session seems likely to end without any action his proposals to clean up state government.
NYSNYS News 5/20/2016

NYS Association of School Business Officials (NYSASBO) Siena poll finds support for professionally credentialed financial management of school districts.
NYSNYS News 5/13/2016

NYS Association of School Business Officials (NYSASBO) Siena poll finds support for professionally credentialed financial management of school districts.
NYSNYS News 5/12/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: EPA cleanup of Hudson PCBs criticized at workshop looking at past 5 years of General Electric dredging of toxics.
NYSNYS News 5/6/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Parents of kids with life-threatening food allergies urge Assembly to pass bill permitting Epi-Pens without prescriptions in public venues such as parks, day care centers.
NYSNYS News 5/4/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Business as usual at the Capitol as replacement formally seated at same time Sheldon Silver gets 12 years in prison, fines and penalties totally nearly $7 million.
NYSNYS News 5/4/2016

Cuomo names 'search committee' to find a new State Police superintendent. Kolb says Assembly GOP members who are former police officers should not have been passed over in favor of Cuomo's former aides.
NYSNYS News 4/28/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Common Cause releases report on housekeeping funds, LLCs, saying Cuomo, legislators obligated to pass ethics, campaign finance changes in wake of scandals.
NYSNYS News 4/28/2016

NYSNYS NEWS INSIDE THE LCA: Odato freelancing for Reuters. Cuomo v. Dicker. LCA show set. Politico reporter joins lobbying firm.
NYSNYS News 4/26/2016

Senate Democrats say GOP wants to drag out Skelos Senate race vote counting.
NYSNYS News 4/21/2016

PSC releases preliminary agenda for April 20 meeting in Albany.
NYSNYS News 4/20/2016

Business Council's Briccetti issues statement on formation of Business Climate Commission.
NYSNYS News 4/14/2016

Building Trades Council calls on Encon to approve Constitution Pipeline project.
NYSNYS News 4/13/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Campaign whirlwind touches down Albany, with Bernie Sanders raising roof at the Washington Avenue Armory and Ohio Gov. Kasich holding more low-key events at the Capitol and in Troy and Saratoga.
NYSNYS News 4/11/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Trump fills TImes Union Center for presidential primary rally, drawing cheers for attacks on rivals and promises to make America great again.
NYSNYS News 4/11/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Ted Cruz stumps at Scotia Christian school, saying Trump will lose and Clinton, Sanders are socialists.
NYSNYS News 4/7/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Late budget2016 keeps legislators at their desks Friday. New spending plan delays implementation of some of its biggest initiatives.
NYSNYS News 4/1/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Late budget2016 keeps legislators at their desks Friday. New spending plan delays implementation of some of its biggest initiatives.
NYSNYS News 4/1/2016

NYSNYS NEWS AUDIO: Cuomo Red Room press conference on budget March 31. Opening remarks with details provided by aides. 31 minutes.
NYSNYS News 4/1/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Final passage of $154 billion budget2016 starts though legislators complain they are in the dark about what it contains.
NYSNYS News 4/1/2016

Northeast Charter School Association releases 'open letter to Edu-stablishment' that says funding inequity compares to Jim Crow laws against black people.
NYSNYS News 3/30/2016

Medicaid redesign releases: DSRIP 2016 Value Based Payment (VBP) Roadmap, LinkedIn Group, webinars, Year 1 2nd Q results, Timeline updates
NYSNYS News 3/26/2016

Reform Party announces term limits litmus test for candidates running on its line in November.
NYSNYS News 3/15/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Legislature exploring latest battleground in life and law, legalizing doctor-assisted suicide.
NYSNYS News 3/11/2016

Cuomo releases transcript, photos of presentation of 'first official bat of NYS' to Mets Hall of Famer Piazza at the Executive Mansion.
NYSNYS News 3/9/2016

Cuomo releases: Parks/historic sites grants, St. Patrick's DWI crackdown, jobs for the disabled, LIRR track expansion, WTC tower run, new MTA buses, primary day voting.
NYSNYS News 3/9/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: New York ready for its presidential campaign closeup as Clinton and Trump strengthen claims on party nominations.
NYSNYS News 3/4/2016

Schneiderman finds no criminal conduct in death of Raynette Turner while in custody of the Mount Vernon Police Dept. She died of natural causes.
NYSNYS News 3/3/2016

Statement from Senator Murphy calls Journal News story about his business owing $117,000 in back taxes is 'old news.' Ethics filings issue is 'form over substance.'
NYSNYS News 3/3/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: One month after untimely death, Cuomo aide Wise honored by advocates for his service on behalf of disabled, homeless.
NYSNYS News 2/23/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Spitzer MIA in Hall of Governors, 8 years after he became first in NY history to resign.
NYSNYS News 2/18/2016

Empire Center reports average teacher pension for career retirees with at least 30 years service is $67,476.
NYSNYS News 2/18/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Appellate Division upholds decision to deny DOCCS parole to ax murderer Eugene Mullins, who killed Troy woman in 1982.
NYSNYS News 2/11/2016

Brooklyn District Attorney Thompson announces conviction of NYPD officer Liang for manslaughter in housing project shooting death of unarmed Akai Gurley.
NYSNYS News 2/11/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Chris Gibson says Cuomo can be beaten in 2018. He faults Cuomo for tolerating corruption, attacks on teachers.
NYSNYS News 2/9/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Bharara in Albany, warning of perils of tolerating state government corruption.
NYSNYS News 2/8/2016

Cuomo announces ban on insurance coverage and treatment for 'conversion therapy' for minors. Term refers to treatment for sexual orientation and gender identity. Reactions attached.
NYSNYS News 2/6/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: $15 minimum wage rally held before budget2016 hearing, as business group warns of job loses and tax hikes if it goes through.
NYSNYS News 2/3/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: After decades on the sidelines, NY claims starring role in 2016 elections with Clinton, Trump, Bloomberg, Cuomo, Schumer, and Brooklyn's Bernie Sanders.
NYSNYS News 1/29/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: At Budget2016 hearing, mayors says water crises in Troy, Hoosick Falls, raise specter of Flint, MI. They urge more money for infrastructure upgrades.
NYSNYS News 1/27/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo meets with local leaders, orders steps to determine health risk from Hoosick Falls water contamination and 'restore confidence' in community.
NYSNYS News 1/27/2016

Senator Avella proposes ethics reform package. 'It is a mistake to dismiss ethical issues in Albany as exceptions or blaming a few bad seeds. Even bad seeds germinate.'
NYSNYS News 1/19/2016

Senate IDC releases report on banks stealing from Westchester homeowners.
NYSNYS News 1/18/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Appellate Division rules against Rensselaer County farmers who said no gay marriages at their wedding venue.
NYSNYS News 1/14/2016

Cuomo lawyer Abramowitz says he was confident Bharara would not bring Moreland charges.
NYSNYS News 1/11/2016

NYSNA says nurses will strike Gloversville hospital on January 6.
NYSNYS News 1/6/2016

NYSNYS NEWS: Local governments, nonprofits scramble to comply with outdoor homeless detention order issued January 3, taking effect this week.
NYSNYS News 1/4/2016

Cuomo announces two dozen appointments of senior staff, including DeRosa as chief of staff, Mujica as budget director, Allen as communications director.
NYSNYS News 12/21/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Schools the focus in Albany Tuesday as educators call for better teachers, higher standards with less emphasis on testing. Video included of Corinth principal Meade.
NYSNYS News 12/16/2015

Siena Poll finds majority of New Yorkers oppose letting in Syrian refugees. Cuomo's job performance rating drops slightly, with just 39 percent giving him a good grade.
NYSNYS News 12/14/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo shakes money tree, announcing $2.25 billion in taxpayer funding for REDC projects, Hunger Games wish lists of upstate regions.
NYSNYS News 12/10/2015

NYRA says it has 2nd consecutive operating profit of $4 million, 1st back to back in 15 years. 'We are fulfilling Governor Cuomo's vision of a reformed, revitalized and financially sustainable thoroughbred racing leader.'
NYSNYS News 12/9/2015

Cuomo Encon Commissioner Seggos criticizes House vote on Clean Power Plan.
NYSNYS News 12/5/2015

Assembly holding hearing December 2 on DOCCS Dannemora prison escape.
NYSNYS News 12/1/2015

Cuomo announces plan to end AIDS in NYS. Statements attached from Empire Pride, GMHC, Housing Works.
NYSNYS News 12/1/2015

The NYS Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation will hold a public hearing on November 30 on judges' pay.
NYSNYS News 11/28/2015

Tioga Downs owner Jeff Gural says neither he nor his racing businesses have taken a position on Lago Casino project and disavows Gary Greenburg's comments to media.
NYSNYS News 11/20/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Lago casino opponents rally in Albany, saying Finger Lakes casino will harm competitors and eliminate jobs.
NYSNYS News 11/17/2015

Advocates call on Senate to Raise the Age and prosecute fewer teenagers as adults.
NYSNYS News 11/10/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: American Action Forum and the Empire Center say Cuomo $15 an hour minimum wage would cut 432,500 jobs.
NYSNYS News 11/5/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Inspector General asked to investigate how Cuomo campaign obtained reported 40 NY Mets World Series tickets to resell to donors for $5,500 each.
NYSNYS News 11/2/2015

Cuomo says he will try to stop Entergy's planned closing of FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in central NY.
NYSNYS News 11/2/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Amid protests and endorsements super-PAC money becomes an issue in Saratoga Springs elections.
NYSNYS News 10/22/2015

Oneida Indians urge Gaming Commission to reject Lago casino license.
NYSNYS News 10/21/2015

JCOPE releases list of highest paid lobbyist, biggest spending lobbying groups for first half of 2015. WEMED and Coalition for Opportunity in Education top lists of most money.
NYSNYS News 10/15/2015

Statements on MTA funding deal from Rodriguez, Flanagan, Partnership for NYC.
NYSNYS News 10/10/2015

Cuomo, de Blasio announce agreement on MTA capital program funding, with NYS providing $8.3B and NYC $2.5B. Reaction from AFL-CIO, Diaz, Heastie included.
NYSNYS News 10/10/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: SCOPE gun rights lawyer Capanna says State Police stepping up SAFE Act arrests. She calls Cuomo an 'opportunist' and predicts civil rights lawsuit against troopers.
NYSNYS News 10/7/2015

General Electric says it has completed dredging of PCB contamination from the Hudson River.
NYSNYS News 10/5/2015

GOP Chair Cox says Cuomo again shows his incompetence for high office by says gun control should be top issue in U.S. rather that the sour economy and national defense.
NYSNYS News 10/5/2015

GOP Chair Cox says Cuomo again shows his incompetence for high office by says gun control should be top issue in U.S. rather that the sour economy and national defense.
NYSNYS News 10/5/2015

Obama King appointment: AQE 'troubling choice,' NYSUT 'disappointed,' StudentsFirstNY 'incredibly proud,' SUNY Zimpher 'a true champion.'
NYSNYS News 10/2/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo signs Troy church tax exempt bills, Albany County sales tax extender.
NYSNYS News 9/28/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo signs bills on Saratoga hotel tax, water district land swap, OTB funds for Casino and Raceway.
NYSNYS News 9/28/2015

Cuomo bill signing: Public transit sexually depraved 'touching.'
NYSNYS News 9/28/2015

Cuomo, federal regulators shut down Health Republic Insurance of NY, major Obamacare provider in NYS health exchange.
NYSNYS News 9/25/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Regents vote to implement new rule requiring CPR instruction in all schools.
NYSNYS News 9/17/2015

Oneida Indians sue to obtain Gaming Commission casino siting records.
NYSNYS News 9/8/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo speaks to troopers, NYPD PBA about police/civilian deaths, DOCCS Dannemora prison break.
NYSNYS News 9/3/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo says little on Encon, federal regulators report that General Electric PCB contamination has polluted ground water in Saratoga and Washington counties.
NYSNYS News 9/3/2015

NYS Health Department reports first case of mosquito borne EEE, serious viral illness affecting both humans and horses. Mortality rate is one-third of cases, while survivors often suffer severe brain damage.
NYSNYS News 9/2/2015

NYRA says American Pharoah will run in the 146th Travers Stakes in Saratoga August 29. Purse is raised to $1.6 million.
NYSNYS News 8/23/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: LCA press room manager Jean Gutbrodt retiring after 17 years on the job.
NYSNYS News 8/18/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: NY no battleground state, but top presidential candidates have ties here and campaigns are gearing up. Includes a list of two dozen declared and undeclared hopefuls.
NYSNYS News 8/14/2015

Senator Klein urges crackdown on synthetic marijuana.
NYSNYS News 8/12/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Conservative activists plan rally and protest outside Boehner-Stefanik fundraiser in Saratoga August 5.
NYSNYS News 8/4/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Events this week will mark 130th anniversary of Ulysses Grant funeral train stop in Albany.
NYSNYS News 8/3/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: With no explanation, Cuomo Health Department names 5 winners out of 43 medical marijuana applications, leaving 38 wondering why they were not picked. Albany, Syracuse each get 3 dispensaries.
NYSNYS News 7/31/2015

Schneiderman names former state Sen. Ted O'Brien to head Rochester regional office.
NYSNYS News 7/29/2015

PIANY insurance council issues reminder about new state law regarding Certificates of Insurance.
NYSNYS News 7/28/2015

Cuomo releases transcript of his call-in Q&A on NY1 to talk about the MTA capital plan, Prendergast and Uber's move into NYC and across NYS. 'The MTA is a vital organization for the whole metropolitan region, right?'
NYSNYS News 7/23/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: SUNY faculty and staff urge Cuomo to sign bill to stabilize state budget support for system.
NYSNYS News 7/22/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Conviction upheld for Saratoga County drug user who let NYC woman set up his trailer as a crack cocaine den.
NYSNYS News 7/20/2015

Cuomo counsel Alfonso David says MOU on SAFE Act 'has been mischaracterized and raised questions.' He issues press release to clarify what happened.
NYSNYS News 7/11/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Gillibrand, Schumer both in Albany area to talk about bills on veterans, swatting cyber-crime.
NYSNYS News 7/7/2015

DOCCS announces three top executive staff and nine security staff workers put on administrative leave as a result of Clinton Dannemore prison escape.
NYSNYS News 6/30/2015

State Police say DOCCS Clinton Dannemora escapee Sweat captured after being shot by trooper in Town of Constable.
NYSNYS News 6/28/2015

SESSION CLOSEOUT 2015: Cuomo, Flanagan, Heastie announce 'framework of an agreement on majority priorities' for end of 2015 legislative session.
NYSNYS News 6/24/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: With break for daughter's graduation, Cuomo announces end-of-session deal on taxes, NYC issues.
NYSNYS News 6/23/2015

Senator Klein urges action against Bronx slumlords.
NYSNYS News 6/22/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo stays silent as legislators return to Albany this week to try to put to rest a session that refuses to die.
NYSNYS News 6/22/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo stays silent as legislators return to Albany this week to try to put to rest a session that refuses to die.
NYSNYS News 6/21/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Assembly narrowly passed 'Nicholas's Law' gun measure named after Saratoga County boy shot dead by classmate playing with gun. Opponents call it Cuomo SAFE Act expansion.
NYSNYS News 6/16/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Growing prevalence of pain pill and heroin addiction prompts family members and treatment advocates to call on the Assembly to mandate improved doctor training.
NYSNYS News 6/11/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: DOCCS records show both Dannemora prison escapees are serving life sentences for murder, one for gunning down a Broome County sheriff's deputy. The other kidnapped and beat a man to death in Niagara County.
NYSNYS News 6/6/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Albany goes to the dogs as pet lovers hold a lobbying day.
NYSNYS News 6/4/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo has little to say about donor Bonomo stepping aside from top NYRA post after he is tied to Skelos bribery case.
NYSNYS News 6/3/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Lyft ride sharing company running up against Legislature's calendar as it seeks change in NYS insurance law to let it operate here.
NYSNYS News 6/3/2015

American Cancer Society applauds Westchester County Legislature for approving bill to regulate e-cigarettes.
NYSNYS News 6/2/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Siena Poll finds sharp divide between workers and CEOs's on questions of sexual harassment in the workplace and equal pay for equal work.
NYSNYS News 6/1/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Environmental groups urge Cuomo and regulators to make General Electric remove more PCB contamination from the Hudson River.
NYSNYS News 5/29/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Siena Poll finds voters souring on Cuomo and legislators, prospects for ending Albany corruption.
NYSNYS News 5/26/2015

Cuomo, de Blasio issue statements on Irish gay marriage vote.
NYSNYS News 5/25/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: AARP issues grim report on retirement prospects of many New York workers.
NYSNYS News 5/21/2015

Schneiderman, DiNapoli, U.S. Attorney Hartunian announce guilty pleas by Assemblyman Bill Scarborough.
NYSNYS News 5/8/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: In shift, Marchione says Skelos must go as support for Senate leader splits GOP conference. She prayed for Senate 'with a heavy heart' Thursday.
NYSNYS News 5/7/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Marchione says she's with Skelos for now, Cuomo stays mum on bribery scandal, DeFrancisco says he has 'no idea' who will be GOP leader next week.
NYSNYS News 5/7/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry's ice cream lobbies Albany for GMO label bill. Farm group says change would raise annual food bill for family of four by $500.
NYSNYS News 4/28/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: On Lincoln 150 weekend, Saratoga History Museum brings out a gem in its collection -- the president's glasses. They were a memento gift to a prominent Saratoga resident from her cousin, Lincoln's widow.
NYSNYS News 4/24/2015

Earth Day releases: Statements from Schneiderman, DiNapoli, Cuomo, Williams Rodriguez, Woerner, Avella. Heastie Assembly bills package, de Blasio OneNYC plan, environmental group summary of NY's advances over last 45 years.
NYSNYS News 4/22/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: WIth Legislature mired in scandal, advocated urge action on hospital staffing, meningitis vaccine mandate.
NYSNYS News 4/22/2015

Cuomo releases details of his trip to Cuba, including list of state officials and business representatives who will go with him.
NYSNYS News 4/19/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Budget2015 Cuomo vetoes spare vital SUNY programs.
NYSNYS News 4/15/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Schumer calls for more federal rail safety inspectors, citing risk of catastrophic oil train accident.
NYSNYS News 4/10/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Schumer sees urge need for more federal rail bridge safety inspectors, citing huge increase in oil trains in NYS.
Journal News 4/9/2015

Cuomo lifts ban on state travel to Indiana, saying his concerns about gay rights have been addressed.
NYSNYS News 4/5/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Advocates calling for campaign finance reform invoke Jesus Christ, Andrew Cuomo and Barack Obama.
NYSNYS News 4/3/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Legislature completes 2015-16 budget passage, late for first time since Cuomo took office in 2011.
NYSNYS News 4/1/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo, legislators finish work on budget2015, keeping some key details secret and inserting tax break for wealthy owners of yachts and private aircraft.
NYSNYS News 3/31/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Common Core fight pits Cuomo vs. teachers, with parents being urged to boycott testing.
NYSNYS News 3/23/2015

NYC Public Advocate James says women are being shut out of Cuomo budge talks with legislative leaders.
NYSNYS News 3/19/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: In Albany, presidential hopeful Santorum tells Christian conservatives to not give up on trying to change the state.
NYSNYS News 3/17/2015

NYNYS NEWS: Business groups urge that Cuomo Budget2015 include repeal of taxes, fees on energy. Tax bill on electricity alone put at $1.6 billion.
NYSNYS News 3/9/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: SUNY leaders urge $50 million Investment Fund be part of Cuomo Budget2015.
NYSNYS News 3/9/2015

During annual lobbying day, State Academy of Family Physicians’ focusing on Primary Care Rate Increase (PCRI) to put Medicaid rates on par with those in Medicare.
NYSNYS News 3/9/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Thousands of children and adults supporting Cuomo education agenda rally in Albany.
NYSNYS News 3/5/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo board approves $5 million grant to city of Albany to stabilize budget as redevelopment advances for Harriman Office Campus and rejected downtown convention center site.
NYSNYS News 2/24/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Educator and Marchione Senate opponent Brian Howard dies in accidental fall.
NYSNYS News 2/21/2015

Obituary for Kathleen Grimm, NYC schools deputy chancellor. She was born in Troy to an outspoken, civic minded family and was graduated from Catholic Central High School. Her first job after college was as a missionary.
NYSNYS News 2/20/2015

Schneiderman: Settlement with Bharara and Bronx provider, UPS untaxed cigarettes lawsuit, restaurant wage case, state worker payroll fraud.
NYSNYS News 2/19/2015

NYSASBO releases report on impact of Cuomo tax cap on school districts.
NYSNYS News 2/18/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Elizabeth Warren supporters rally in Saratoga to urge her entry into 2016 presidential race as a Clinton rival for Democratic nomination.
NYSNYS News 2/15/2015

Health Department announces extension on Obamacare paperwork as long as signup is begun by February 15.
NYSNYS News 2/14/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cancer survivors holding lobbying day, asking legislators to block Cuomo cut in screening program.
NYSNYS News 2/10/2015

Agenda and materials released for February 9-10 meeting of the Board of Regents.
NYSNYS News 2/10/2015

Assembly Speaker Heastie announces 'formation of a bi-partisan committee to conduct a national search for an executive director to lead new Office of Ethics and Compliance.'
NYSNYS News 2/8/2015

Bharara announces bribery conviction of former Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith. 'NY has become the show me the money state.' He vows to continue prosecutions and send lawbreakers to federal prison.
NYSNYS News 2/5/2015

Hochul attending Cuomo WNY REDC meeting in Cheektowaga at 2 p.m.
NYSNYS News 2/4/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Heastie elected Assembly speaker, with protest votes going to prosecutor Preet Bharara and simply 'reform.'
NYSNYS News 2/4/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo reboots ethics plan, tying it to Budget2015 passage in tactic he admits could get ugly. Assembly schedules 11 a.m. Tuesday vote to install Heastie as successor to Speaker Silver.
NYSNYS News 2/2/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo reboots ethics plan, tying it to Budget2015 passage in tactic he admits could get ugly. Assembly schedules 11 a.m. Tuesday vote to install Heastie as successor to Speaker Silver.
NYSNYS News 2/2/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: After week when Assembly is compared to a cesspool and worse, members on track to elect success to Speaker Sheldon Silver. Little known Bronx member Heastie favored to win.
NYSNYS News 1/30/2015

Skelos's office says WNBC report he is under criminal investigation by Bharara is 'irresponsible ... we won't be commenting further.'
NYSNYS News 1/30/2015

Assembly member Lavine releases letter on ethics and choice of a successor to Assembly Speaker Silver.
NYSNYS News 1/29/2015

Keith Wright drops candidacy, endorses Carl Heastie for Assembly speaker.
NYSNYS News 1/29/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Silver arrest threatens worst crisis in state government since Spitzer, but Cuomo Lt. Gov. Hochul says chaos won't derail their agenda for 2015.
NYSNYS News 1/22/2015

Senator Griffo slams Cuomo casino siting commission indecision.
NYSNYS News 1/14/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Conservation groups want Cuomo to increase Environmental Protection Fund program to $200 million.
NYSNYS News 1/14/2015

NYSNYS NEWS: Invoking Jesus Christ and Mario Cuomo, advocates call on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to provide more money to poor schools. Event was second 'Moral Monday' of the 2015 session.
NYSNYS News 1/13/2015

New York State Register January 7, 2015/Volume XXXVII, Issue 1.
NYSNYS News 1/12/2015

Schneiderman releases: Mortgage loan assistance, debt collection settlement, dentist Medicaid theft, auto insurance fraud ring.
NYSNYS News 1/11/2015

Cuomo issues winter weather update.
NYSNYS News 1/11/2015

NY ISO predicts adequate electricity capacity for 2015. January 7 is one year anniversary of Polar Vortex peak of 25,738 MW demand.
NYSNYS News 1/6/2015

Mario Cuomo releases: Statements from Gottfried, Dunlea, Heather Briccetti, Orthodox Union, Stephanie Miner, Kolb, Ortiz, Chuck Lesnick.
NYSNYS News 1/5/2015

Cuomo announces executive pardons of two former DOCCS prison inmates. One was convicted of selling a controlled substance, the other robbery.
NYSNYS News 1/1/2015

NYRA announces details of 2015 Travers, Whitney stakes at Saratoga's 147th race meet.
NYSNYS News 12/29/2014

NYPD cop killing: Statements from Senators Ball, Savino, Golden, Boyle, Klein; Assembly members Tedisco, Malliotakis, Kolb,
NYSNYS News 12/22/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Screening panel picks Schenectady and sites in Sullivan and Seneca counties for three Las Vegas style gambling casinos.
NYSNYS News 12/17/2014

Army Sgt. Ramon Morris of NYC killed in IED attack in Afghanistan.
NYSNYS News 12/15/2014

State Education Commissioner King to join Obama administration.
NYSNYS News 12/11/2014

Cuomo travels to Fort Drum to welcom back 10th Mountain Division troops who are last out of Afghanistan. Two soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor for valor.
NYSNYS News 12/8/2014

NYS Health Department says two more people are subject to mandatory Cuomo ebola quarantines. No details given.
NYSNYS News 12/8/2014

Mock re-trial scheduled for December 7 in Troy to decide who wrote 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' poem first published in Troy in 1823. Lawyers arguing case are E. Stewart Jones and Jack Casey, former Senate parliamentarian.
NYSNYS News 12/6/2014

In testimony at Assembly hearing, New York State Academy of Family Physicians (NYSAFP) member Dr. William Klepack endorsed single payer universal healthcare.
NYSNYS News 12/5/2014

Schneiderman releases: AG backs Walmart Black Friday protests, EPA move on ozone pollution.
NYSNYS News 11/28/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Advocates say no to legislative pay raise without a hike in the minimum wage for working poor.
NYSNYS News 11/26/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Pay raise for legislators endorsed.
NYSNYS News 11/18/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Citing improved economy and growing needs, school advocates calls for $1.9 billion increase in state aide to districts in 2015.
NYSNYS News 11/14/2014

1st annual observance of 'Night of Terror' is this weekend. In 1917, 31 suffragists arrested, jailed, abused for crime of picketing for women's right to vote outside the White House. 14 were from New York.
NYSNYS News 11/13/2014

PSC holds conferences with FERC and regarding Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) proceeding.
NYSNYS News 11/6/2014

Cuomo and Christie announces screening protocols for ebola at JFK, Newark airports, with mandatory quarantine for anyone who provided medical services to sick.
NYSNYS News 10/24/2014

Business Council handing out environmental award at conference in Saratoga Springs on October 29-31.
NYSNYS News 10/24/2014

NY20 candidate Fischer slams Tonko for missing ebola meeting. Tonko issues advisory on coping with disease.
NYSNYS News 10/18/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: AARP says exodus of residents 50 and older is draining NYS economy.
NYSNYS News 10/15/2014

In Astorino fundraising letter, Mitt Romney calls Cuomo 'a typical corrupt New York politician' and says the Start-Up NY/Tax-Free NY program is 'ludicrous' given the state's high taxes.
NYSNYS News 10/13/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo shows it's good to be governor at election time, using incumbency to dominate Astorino, Hawkins.
NYSNYS News 10/6/2014

PEF President Kent says Times Union story about union leader who used charge card for personal purchases was a sensationalized account. PEF is taking allegations seriously and will pursue restitution if warranted.
NYSNYS News 10/2/2014

Black Democrats back civil rights lawsuit against Westchester County. "We are proud to join with the Anti-Discrimination Center in support of their legal action to get Rob Astorino to comply with federal civil rights law.'
NYSNYS News 9/29/2014

Cuomo announces $750 million in taxpayer funds will go toward 'SolarCity Gigafactory' project in Buffalo.
NYSNYS News 9/23/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo running mate Hochul tours Troy businesses, talks about Kurt Vonnegut using the city in his novels.
NYSNYS News 9/23/2014

Census reports poverty rate declined in U.S. in 2013 for the first time since 2006. It is now at 14.5 percent of the population.
NYSNYS News 9/17/2014

Senator Tkaczyk also has Green Party line after write-in campaign.
NYSNYS News 9/15/2014

Bharara: Former Senate Democratic Campaign Committee consultant Melvin Lowe convicted of conspiring with Senator John Sampson to defraud the DSCC of $100,000. Also guilty of wire fraud, tax and bank charges.
NYSNYS News 9/11/2014

Remains of WWII Army Pfc. Gavrin of Brooklyn will be interred September 12 at Arlington National Cemetery. He has been missing since the 1944 Battle of Saipan.
NYSNYS News 9/10/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo-Teachout, Hochul-Wu top primary ballot, but local races also being decided.
NYSNYS News 9/8/2014

Prison activists plan protest Saturday outside residence of Sandra Lee and Cuomo.
NYSNYS News 9/5/2014

Astorino campaign manager Lawler sends TV stations a letter about Cuomo 'smear ads.'
NYSNYS News 8/26/2014

NYSNYS NEWS WEEK IN REVIEW for August 16-22: Teachout-Cuomo primary set. Cuomo won't commit to debates. Another big bank settlement for NYS coffers.
NYSNYS News 8/23/2014

NYC Panel for Educational Policy meets on August 21: Agenda, new criteria for school superintendents,
NYSNYS News 8/20/2014

DFS Superintendent Lawsky announces $300 million penalty for Standard Chartered Bank over money laundering case.
NYSNYS News 8/19/2014

Skelos releases open letter to NY: 'All of the progress we’ve made can be undone in an instant if Senate Democrats, the radical Working Families Party, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio take control of the State Senate next year.'
NYSNYS News 8/19/2014

Cuomo signs veterans and military families bill addressing education, higher ed, professional licenses and burial assistance.
NYSNYS News 8/18/2014

ESDC releases: Cuomo REDC priority projects released by Mohawk Valley and Capital Region councils.
NYSNYS News 8/15/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Racing magnate Stronach calls casinos, lotteries 'taxation of the poor.'
NYSNYS News 8/14/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Advocates say Cuomo, legislators withholding money due to school districts, hurting minority children the most.
NYSNYS News 8/8/2014

NY native Maj. Gen. Harold Greene killed in action in Afghanistan: Released from Pentagon, Cuomo, Tonko.
NYSNYS News 8/6/2014

Statements on NYC medical examiner verdict in Garner chokehold case from de Blasio, Camara, Diaz, Sharpton.
NYSNYS News 8/5/2014

Hochul schedule for July 26-27.
NYSNYS News 7/28/2014

NYC Council member Williams outraged by Extell Development project that includes 'poor door' separate entrance for tenants of rent-regulated units. Market rate tenants have main waterfront entryway.
NYSNYS News 7/25/2014

NYC Council member Williams outrages by Extell Development project that includes 'poor door' separate entrance for tenants of rent-regulated units. Market rate tenants have main waterfront entryway.
NYSNYS News 7/25/2014

VIDEO: Driver's dashcam catches Rep. Paul Tonko driving erratically at more than 90 mph along the Thruway.
NYSNYS News 7/24/2014

Cuomo Tappan Zee EPF bridge loan: Statements from Thruway Authority, League of Conservation Voters, NYPIRG, Environmental Facilities Corp., Assembly Speaker Silver.
NYSNYS News 7/17/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Tonko raising far more money than opponent Jim Fischer in NY20, Chris Gibson has raised less than wealthy opponent Sean Eldridge in NY19.
NYSNYS News 7/16/2014

Cuomo DFS aide Lawsky, Schneiderman seeking TRO against Lyft ride sharing service.
NYSNYS News 7/11/2014

Business Council reports Schenectady’s Gatherer’s Gourmet Granola joins Made in New York programs.
NYSNYS News 7/9/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Kevin Law, Dennis Glazer appointed to Resort Gaming Facility Location Board, which will pick casino sites by fall.
NYSNYS News 7/8/2014

Bharara announces guilty plea by Assembly member Gabriela Rosa to immigration and bankruptcy fraud. She is a Dominican national who paid a U.S. citizen $8,000 to marry her. She faces up to 10 years in prison.
NYSNYS News 6/30/2014

INSIDE THE LCA COLUMN: Former LCA reporter Judy Sanders dies. LCA show a success. Staff changes at startup news organizations. The phone booths are taken out of the press room.
NYSNYS News 6/29/2014

Bharara announces guilty plea by Assembly member Gabriela Rosa to immigration and bankruptcy fraud. She is a Dominican national who paid a U.S. citizen $8,000 to marry her. She faces up to 10 years in prison.
NYSNYS News 6/29/2014

Transcript of de Blasio funeral oration for NYS Sanitation worker Steven Frosch.
NYSNYS News 6/28/2014

Bharara announces guilty plea by Assembly member Gabriela Rosa to immigration and bankruptcy fraud. She is a Dominican national who paid a U.S. citizen $8,000 to marry her. She faces up to 10 years in prison.
NYSNYS News 6/27/2014

Supreme Court abortion protest ruling: Statements from Assembly Speaker Silver, Senate co-leader Skelos, Schneiderman.
NYSNYS News 6/26/2014

NYS Environmental Facilities Corp. holding its annual meeting June 26. Agenda includes providing $511.4 million for Cuomo Tappan Zee bridge project. Agenda attached as PDF, 79 pages.
NYSNYS News 6/25/2014

INSIDE THE LCA COLUMN: Former LCA reporter Judy Sanders dies. LCA show a success. Staff changes at startup news organizations. The phone booths are taken out of the press room.
NYSNYS News 6/25/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Families of young victims of prescription drugs, heroin lobby for Assembly action on doctor training, substance abuse treatment bills.
NYSNYS News 6/18/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Assembly member Paulin says she was raped as a teen and human trafficking bill must be brought up for a vote to prevent other girls from being victimized.
NYSNYS News 6/18/2014

Behan Communications wins top public relations honor for Adirondacks Proposition 5 advocacy campaign.
NYSNYS News 6/13/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: After acquittal, Bruno visits NYS Senate.
NYSNYS News 6/11/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Legislators back PhRMA campaign on disposal of prescription drugs.
NYSNYS News 6/11/2014

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CMS releases: Obamacare and community health center funding, hospital charge data released, prior authorization for durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics.
NYSNYS News 6/4/2014

Cuomo WFP nomination reaction releases: Astorino, Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), Green Party nominee Hawkins, Working Families Party.
NYSNYS News 6/1/2014

Casino at East Greenbush details $21.5 million in revenues for local governments.
NYSNYS News 5/29/2014

Cuomo DFS Superintendent Lawsky urges auto insurers to adopt 'telematics' programs to use driving habits to set rates. Participation by drivers would be voluntary.
NYSNYS News 5/27/2014

Education Commissioner King says racial segregation and inequality persist 60 years after landmark Brown school desegregation court decision.
NYSNYS News 5/16/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Bill to let eye doctors write prescriptions put in limbo by legislators. NY is only one of two states to restrict medication.
NYSNYS News 5/15/2014

Democrats: Is Senator Lee Zeldin a coward for not saying how he would vote in Congress? Zeldin responds by saying he is an Iraq war veteran.
NYSNYS News 5/15/2014

Gaming Facility Location releases minimum capital investment amounts for casinos.
NYSNYS News 5/13/2014

Cuomo says Ball is confirmed as Agriculture commissioner.
NYSNYS News 5/10/2014

Cuom and Silver observe police memorial day.
NYSNYS News 5/10/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo invites media to 'crude oil training drill' next to railway and public housing project near the Port of Albany.
NYSNYS News 5/8/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Prison opponents led by Cornel West hold Albany protest, calling incarceration and solitary confinement racist, inhumane.
NYSNYS News 5/6/2014

De Blasio releases NYC affordable housing plan. Transcript attached.
NYSNYS News 5/6/2014

Lt. Gov. Duffy attending Wireless Summit at 12:!5 p.m. at NYU School of Engineering.
NYSNYS News 4/24/2014

Astorino says Moreland scandal shows 'what Cuomo has sadly always been about: Power. Accumulating it, keeping it, meting it out to punish, intimidate, and reward.'
NYSNYS News 4/22/2014

Cuomo opens car show at Javits Center.
NYSNYS News 4/20/2014

Vernon Downs co-owner Gary Greenberg says racino gambling in a slump in upstate NYS.
NYSNYS News 4/19/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Green Party's Hawkins says anti-Cuomo vote is potent this year. He invites Working Families Party to back him.
NYSNYS News 4/10/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Amedore seeking rematch of 26th Senate District 2012 race won by Cecilia Tkaczyk.
NYSNYS News 4/8/2014

Foxwoods Catskills casino project moving ahead after state Gaming Commission opens screening process.
NYSNYS News 4/2/2014

CUOMO 2014-15 BUDGET:'Cuomo, Senate Majority Coalition Co-Leaders Skelos and Klein, and Assembly Speaker Silver today announced the historic passage of the State’s fourth consecutive on-time budget.'
NYSNYS News 3/31/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Citing support for tea party and NY2A gun rights, Assembly member Tenney announces primary challenge to two-term GOP Rep. Richard Hanna of Oneida County.
NYSNYS News 3/26/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Time Warner Cable, Cablevision on list of 'mega-donors' bankrolling Cuomo, other Albany campaigns.
NYSNYS News 3/25/2014

Senator Grisanti press release and video says 'NYC liberals want to use your tax dollars to fund political campaigns statewide.'
NYSNYS News 3/19/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Albany Catholic Bishop-elect Scharfenberger makes his debut as Albany lobbyist with Dolan.
NYSNYS News 3/19/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Despite Common Core controversy and a contested election, status quo prevails as Democrats in state Legislature elect four members of the Board of Regents.
NYSNYS News 3/12/2014

Cuomo Common Core panel releases recommendations.
NYSNYS News 3/11/2014

Advocates holding noon press conference on early childhood intervention.
NYSNYS News 3/5/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Heroin epidemic in NY tied to crackdown on prescription pain pills. SUNY Albany student tells of addiction.
NYSNYS News 3/5/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: CUNY, SUNY advocates ask for more state funds as Cuomo proposes college aid for prison inmates.
NYSNYS News 2/27/2014

Cuomo announces appointments to Start Up NY Tax Free NY approval board: Edward M. Cupoli, Abraham M. Lackman and Andrew Kennedy.
NYSNYS News 2/26/2014

NYS Military Museum holds Black History Month even February 22 with Hartwick College professor who is expert on Civil War colored troops.
NYSNYS News 2/22/2014

Cuomo releases: Eastman Business park funding, I-390 funding in Rochester.
NYSNYS News 2/21/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Campaign finance reformers tell Cuomo, 'stay strong' and don't give in to Legislature.
NYSNYS News 2/19/2014

Remington Arms announces expansion in Huntsville, Alabama, creating 2,000 jobs over next decade.
NYSNYS News 2/18/2014

Vatican announces appointment of Scharfenberger as Hubbard successor as Albany bishop.
NYSNYS News 2/11/2014

NYS Academy of Family Physicians Announces 2014 Family Doctor of the Year Award competition with call for nominations.
NYSNYS News 2/3/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Despite Cuomo's support, pro-choice bills stall in Legislature as Planned Parenthood buses in activists for lobbying day.
NYSNYS News 1/28/2014

Conservative journalist/activist James O'Keefe says Cuomo has sent Labor Department after him.
NYSNYS News 1/23/2014

Schneiderman releases: Unlicensed Rochester eye doctor, Cigna mental health settlement, guilty plea from nurse who broke patient's arm, patent trolls, Target credit cards case.
NYSNYS News 1/16/2014

Assembly member Morelle says Cuomo has recognized Rochester as statewide model for health solutions.
NYSNYS News 1/16/2014

Common Cause issues report looking at spending on hydrofracking campaign in Albany.
NYSNYS News 1/14/2014

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo kicks off 2014 session with business leaders raving about his tax cuts plan.
NYSNYS News 1/7/2014

DiNapoli releases: School audits, municipal audits, AT&T transparency, NYC financial outlook, White Plains and Rye budget outlook.
NYSNYS News 12/30/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Mental health advocates urge legislators to support plan to close state psychiatric hospitals, saying NYS will still have far more operating than other states.
NYSNYS News 12/17/2013

Schneidermna, Cuomo DFS Superintendent Lawsky announce $3.75 million settlement with Markel Insurance Co. for overcharging on college and university student health plans.
NYSNYS News 12/3/2013

NYS Bar Association says trial lawyers should stay away from potential MTA Metro North derailment plaintiffs for 30 days.
NYSNYS News 12/2/2013

DiNapoli, RWDSU's Appelbaum, Catholic Charities director Monsignor Sullivan traveling to Bangladesh November 28, with meetings December 1-3.
NYSNYS News 11/27/2013

Inspector General says DOCCS, NYSCOPBA violated state rules with Cops Care nonprofit group that received state funding.
NYSNYS News 11/27/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Legislators, advocates urge support for wind power in NYS, citing proven benefits in few short years it has been producing electricity.
NYSNYS News 11/21/2013

Cuomo releases: Local Government Efficiency grants, flags lowered for Flight 587 today, SUNY innovation award, foreclosure mobile van in Troy and Albany November 14-15, military summit in December, hiring 9/11 veterans.
NYSNYS News 11/12/2013

Veterans Day releases from Klein, Schneiderman, Stewart-Cousins, Cuomo, Ed Cox, Kolb, DiNapoli, Morelle.
NYSNYS News 11/11/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Election results put taxes, gambling rollout at top of Albany agenda. Dems back in control of NYC, GOP posts big wins elsewhere. Success of women candidates may affect 2014 campaign.
NYSNYS News 11/7/2013

Citing her experience with the IDC, Senator Savino urges NYC voters to cast ballots for Democrats on the Working Families Party line.
NYSNYS News 11/4/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Little suspense in outcome of Tuesday elections. Westchester, Nassau races competitive and Rochester mayor a question mark. Constitutional amendments also on the ballot.
NYSNYS News 11/2/2013

NYS Democratic Committee's Capel says Senator Savino should register Republican. She says he should quit trying to protect housekeeping accounts and appreciate the help the IDC provided to pass Cuomo bills.
NYSNYS News 10/30/2013

UFCW union seeks strike vote against Stop and Shop Supermarket chain.
NYSNYS News 10/28/2013

SUNY Rockefeller Institute holding October 25 forum in Buffalo on Universities and Colleges as Economic Drivers.
NYSNYS News 10/24/2013

NYC Council member Ydanis Rodriguez criticizes CUNY decision to end public access to campus building.
NYSNYS News 10/22/2013

Ret. Army Capt. William Swenson given Congressional Medal of Honor for actions in Afghan war when he was embedded with 10th Mountain Division Fort Drum troops. Video from battle included.
NYSNYS News 10/16/2013

Wall Street investor Joseph Perella named grand marshal of Columbus Day Parade on October 14.
NYSNYS News 10/11/2013

Albany area elected officials holding 12:30 p.m. press conference at the Business Council to support the casino gambling constitutional amendment.
NYSNYS News 10/10/2013

Education Law Center says it has filed amicus brief in NYSUT case challenging Cuomo tax cap.
NYSNYS News 10/2/2013

Cuomo signs bill prohibiting sale of over the counter cold and cough medications to minors if they contain DXM. Kids are taking it to get high.
NYSNYS News 9/27/2013

Schneiderman releases: EMT arrests for thefts, Middletown Police agreement on interpretative services, EPA proposal on power plants, Long Island Medicaid fraud arrests.
NYSNYS News 9/24/2013

Albany Law School hosting forum on fracking September 24, with discussion moderated by Susan Arbetter.
NYSNYS News 9/23/2013

OGS announces RFP for bridge design and inspection consultants.
NYSNYS News 9/19/2013

LCA radio shows lineups for Monday, September 16: Arbetter has Syracuse University professor Bybee, Albany Mayoral candidate Sheehan, Senator Ball, fracking segment. No Dicker advisory.
NYSNYS News 9/16/2013

Details released on visits today by Bloomberg, Walcott and other officials to 22 NYC schools ranking in the top 25 statewide on Common Core standards.
NYSNYS News 9/16/2013

C-SPAN in Troy September 13 for panel discussion with Marchione, Tkaczyk, Fahy, moderated by YNN's Liz Benjamin.
NYSNYS News 9/13/2013

9/11 releases: Statements from Cuomo, Stewart Cousins, Schneiderman, Gillibrand, Marchione, Ball, NYS Republican Committee.
NYSNYS News 9/11/2013

Public Asset Fund meeting on September 12. The fund owns shares from the conversion of nonprofit Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield into WellChoice. Webcast link included.
NYSNYS News 9/10/2013

Duffy schedule: Launches I Love NY train today.
NYSNYS News 9/7/2013

Cuomo releases: 450 Guard soldiers being deployed to Kuwait, flags ordered lowered September 10 for airman killed in Afghanistan.
NYSNYS News 9/7/2013

Press release: Cuomo makes list of 'shady and unethical conduct' by governors on CREW list of the 18 worst in the U.S.
NYSNYS News 7/18/2013

NY Gaming Association says racino casinos here generate more tax revenue than similar gambling operations in Pennsylvania, Connecticut or Atlantic City.
NYSNYS News 7/17/2013

Cuomo announces Adirondacks outdoors event on July 21-22, including a whitewater race with state and local elected officials.
NYSNYS News 7/15/2013

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issues final proposed rule on standards for Navigators, the in-person helpers in federal and state partnership healthcare program including Obamacare, Medicaid, CHIP.
NYSNYS News 7/12/2013

SUNY Albany President Jones and Mrs. Matilda Cuomo will co-chair Saratoga August fundraiser for the Mental Health Foundation on August 19.
NYSNYS News 6/27/2013

Cuomo releases Moreland Act report on 'deficiencies and troubling conduct' at Long Island Power Authority. LIPA reaction included.
NYSNYS News 6/24/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: With Cuomo on glide path to re-election, Assemblyman McLaughlin or any other Republican opponent faces long odds.
NYSNYS News 6/18/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Assembly report says NYS faces growing risk from tornado storms. Video in Mediacast folder
NYSNYS News 6/14/2013

DOCCS holding ceremony June 13 to workers for outstanding service and remember the departed.
NYSNYS News 6/13/2013

New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness oppose Cuomo Tax-Free NY proposal.
NYSNYS News 6/11/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Legislators hear criticism of teacher evaluations, standardized tests at forum on Albany are schools.
NYSNYS News 6/6/2013

Diageo spirits, beer and wine firm congratulates Cuomo on success of initiative to keep repeat DWI drivers off the road.
NYSNYS News 6/6/2013

NYSUT and labor groups planning huge rally in Albany on June 8 on future of public education.
NYSNYS News 6/5/2013

Cuomo, UUP SUNY union announce approval of new contract, first since 2011.
NYSNYS News 6/5/2013

DiNapoli announces pension fund challenge on diversity to board of Urban Outfitters.
NYSNYS News 5/27/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Disarray as Democrats hold annual meeting in Albany. No Cuomo speech, and main speaker says she was invited the day before.
NYSNYS News 5/24/2013

Assembly Speaker Silver apologizes for Vito Lopez sex harassment case, offers 'reforms to Assembly policies.'
NYSNYS News 5/21/2013

Allred statement: Silver knew of Lopez's sex harassment 16 months ago and only now seeks his expulsion 'to cover his own tracks and despicable, power hungry behavior ... Silver himself should be ejected as leader in the Assembly.'
NYSNYS News 5/17/2013

Marine will be buried May 15 along with 12 other servicemen killed in Mayguez rescue mission in Cambodia during the Vietnam War in 1975. One of the men KIA was Pfc. Richard W. Rivernburgh of Schenectady, N.Y
NYSNYS News 5/14/2013

OGS releases: DOCCS Lyon Mountain prison will be sold at auction on July 10, Georgetown prison sold on May 9.
NYSNYS News 5/13/2013

Cuomo offers 'resort gaming destination plan' for upstate. Legislature would not have any involvement in selection of locations.
NYSNYS News 5/9/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Mothers call for mandatory Epi-Pen training for school teachers, crackdown on chemicals used in children's products. Video of press conference in the Mediacast folder.
NYSNYS News 5/8/2013

SUNY Board schedules meetings for May 6 and May 7 at SUNY HVCC in Troy.
NYSNYS News 5/4/2013

Schneiderman releases: Animal protection, Law Day remarks.
NYSNYS News 5/2/2013

Assembly Speaker Silver, Schneiderman back early voting bill.
NYSNYS News 5/1/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: In Albany talk, Paterson describes difficulties he faces as a result of blindness.
NYSNYS News 5/1/2013

Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Kelly offer details of planned terrorist attack on NYC.
NYSNYS News 4/25/2013

The New York State Association of School Business Officials (NYSASBO) reports healthcare costs for districts continue to rise, exceeding both inflation and the increase in state aid to education.
NYSNYS News 4/24/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo opens door to lifting ban on ultimate fighting as opponents call it dangerous, sexist. Video of press conference is in the Mediacast folder.
NYSNYS News 4/24/2013

Senator Gipson says the 'Vampire Voting' bill is advancing in the Senate.
NYSNYS News 4/18/2013

Small Business Day participants list legislative agenda for business, labor and healthcare issues for remainder of session.
NYSNYS News 4/17/2013

Medical Society still supports moratorium on hydrofracking.
NYSNYS News 4/17/2013

State Police arrest Saratoga County man for trying to sell rifle on Facebook banned by Cuomo SAFE law.
NYSNYS News 4/17/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Bill to legalize ultimate fighting could get final approval in Assembly before end of 2013 session.
NYSNYS News 4/12/2013

Cuomo releases: Electric vehicle charging stations, Hurricane Sandy housing, OGS data center at SUNY Albany Nano College, Parks volunteers day, NY SUN solar power initiative
NYSNYS News 4/12/2013

CSEA files PERB charges against Thruway and Canal Corp. over layoffs. Donahue claims 'intimidation, threats, bullying' by Cuomo.
NYSNYS News 4/11/2013

Resorts World Aqueduct racino reports record breaking month, with $71.2 million in revenue.
NYSNYS News 4/8/2013

SUNY Rockefeller Institute holding forums on 'The Fiscal Crisis Facing NY's Local Governments' with DiNapoli on April 8 and Ravitch on April 11.
NYSNYS News 4/5/2013

Cuomo releases: Connecticut gun law, Regeneron Pharma expansion brings 400 jobs to Westchester.
NYSNYS News 4/5/2013

Gaming Commission announces new security measures for April 6 NYRA Wood Memorial at Aqueduct.
NYSNYS News 4/5/2013

Assemblyman Ortiz praises Cuomo DMV and TV's Dr. Oz for organ donor PSA.
Unspecified 4/3/2013

U.S. Attorney Bharara says corruption charges against Senator Smith and others 'demonstrate, once again, that a show-me-the-money culture seems to pervade every level of New York government.'
NYSNYS News 4/2/2013

2013-14 BUDGET: Senate announces final passage of budget bills. Plan delivers tax relief for businesses and families.
NYSNYS News 3/27/2013

Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns running ads in key Senators states.
NYSNYS News 3/24/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Catholic bishops meet with Cuomo on abortion, Reproductive Health Act. Video available in Mediacast folder.
NYSNYS News 3/20/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Feds award NYS $598 million Medicaid waiver grant for long term care for disabled, starting on April 1. Letter attached as PDF.
NYSNYS News 3/18/2013

Defenders Association holding lobby day and press conference March 18 on indigent defense.
NYSNYS News 3/18/2013

Cuomo press releases: Local government data sharing, new manufacturing plant opening to supply yogurt industry.
NYSNYS News 3/14/2013

DiNapoli press releases: Argyle town clerk credit card theft, GE Hudson PCBs, budget caution.
NYSNYS News 3/12/2013

2013-14 BUDGET: NYS Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare thanks legislators for including safeguards for transition to managed care.
NYSNYS News 3/10/2013

Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare thanks Assembly for budget bill changes on managed care.
NYSNYS News 3/9/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo, legislators on track to pass 2013-14 budget. Details will be decided next week.
NYSNYS News 3/9/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Legislators vow to block Cuomo 6 percent budget cut to OPWDD services to disabled.
NYSNYS News 3/7/2013

Commission on Judicial Nomination releases list of seven nominees for Court of Appeals vacancy created by death of Judge Ted Jones.
NYSNYS News 3/7/2013

New York State Association of School Business Officials (NYSASBO) asks for a moratorium on resetting interest rate on building aid for capital projects. Pending cuts will cost districts millions of dollars.
NYSNYS News 3/6/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Thousands rally in Albany for gun rights and against Cuomo as bill is introduced to repeal portions of new law.
NYSNYS News 3/1/2013

Assembly holds hearing on insurance coverage post-Hurricane Sandy. Silver's testimony included.
NYSNYS News 2/27/2013

Gaming Commission, OASAS, Gambling Council announce 'Play Partnership' on compulsive gamblers. Reaction from Gaming Association included.
NYSNYS News 2/21/2013

NYS Deferred Compensation Board meets on February 22. Agenda attached.
NYSNYS News 2/19/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Cancer Society and advocates says Cuomo budget endangers anti-tobacco program, pits groups against each other in competition for state money.
NYSNYS News 2/16/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Cancer Society and advocates says Cuomo budget endangers anti-tobacco program, pits groups against each other in competition for state money.
NYSNYS News 2/15/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Paladino, Million Moms rally on opposing sides of Cuomo gun law.
NYSNYS News 2/13/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Fracking opponents point to Cuomo aide's investments in Exxon Mobil.
NYSNYS News 2/12/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: New Assembly Insurance Committee chair Kevin Cahill says no 'pay to play' in new post. Committee chair is a proven money magnet for Albany special interests.
NYSNYS News 2/10/2013

At NYS Conservative Party meeting, David Bossie of Citizens United criticizes Cuomo, Obama on anti-gun efforts. He also addresses Cuomo 2016.
NYSNYS News 1/29/2013

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms says Skelos promised Senate will not pass Cuomo's Reproductive Rights Act because of late term abortion component.
NYSNYS News 1/29/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuts, new revenues likely to be included in Cuomo 2013-14 budget out January 22.
NYSNYS News 1/21/2013

Four NY Army Guard soldiers attending the Commander-in-Chief's Inaugural Ball on January 21. Obama has continued tradition of a military ball begun by George W. Bush.
NYSNYS News 1/20/2013

DiNapoli says KeyCorp will disclose political campaign spending.
NYSNYS News 1/17/2013

Hurricane Sandy bill: Statements from DiNapoli, NYS Republican Committee, Bloomberg.
NYSNYS News 1/16/2013

Assembly holding January 15 hearing on I Love NY marketing program.
NYSNYS News 1/14/2013

Health and Human Services announces 106 new Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in Medicare, including three serving NY patients.
NYSNYS News 1/11/2013

DiNapoli releases bond sale borrowing calendar for first quarter of 2013. $4.1 billion in new debt sales.
NYSNYS News 1/8/2013

LCA radio shows lineups for Thursday, January 3: Dicker has Ed Cox, Assemblyman McLaughlin. Arbetter off, Kyle Hughes with segments on Cuomo education commission, power transmission, political pundits.
NYSNYS News 1/3/2013

NYSNYS NEWS: Sen.-elect Marchione sworn-in as McDonald's successor, promising to stick to conservative views.
NYSNYS News 12/29/2012

NYSNYS NEWS: Demand growing for food pantries and soup kitchen help as donation are falling across New York.
NYSNYS News 12/28/2012

Schneiderman releases list of the attorney general's office's top accomplishments in 2012.
NYSNYS News 12/27/2012

Skelos, Schneiderman issues statement on Webster firefighter shootings.
NYSNYS News 12/24/2012

Cuomo end of year message mentions just two events, Hurricane Sandy and Newtown school massacre.
NYSNYS News 12/24/2012

NYSNYS NEWS DAYBOOK for Sunday, December 23, 2012.
NYSNYS News 12/23/2012

NYSNYS NEWS: At rally with Bartiromo, Cuomo announces $738 million in REDC local economic development grants.
NYSNYS News 12/20/2012

Newtown school massacre: Statements from Skelos, Education Commissioner King, NYSUT, Schneiderman, Cuomo, Sampson, Silver, Assembly Democrats, Silver, Bloomberg, DiNapoli, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.
NYSNYS News 12/14/2012

Former State Comptroller Alan Hevesi being released from DOCCS Mid-State on December 12.
NYSNYS News 12/11/2012

DiNapoli says Indian gambling hubs of Niagara Falls, Salamanca experiencing population losses, decline in property values, lagging revenues, high poverty and unemployment rates.
NYSNYS News 12/10/2012

SUNY Student Assembly approves legislative agenda for 2013.
NYSNYS News 12/3/2012

Cuomo Moreland Act Commission on Hurricane Sandy and utilities cancels November 30 scheduled meeting, releases letters seeking information about what happened.
NYSNYS News 11/29/2012

Cuomo, Christie promise to work together on Hurricane Sandy relief so the two states get as much federal money as possible.
NYSNYS News 11/28/2012

Schneiderman announces NY gun concealed carry law upheld in federal appeals court.
NYSNYS News 11/27/2012

Bloomberg issues report for November 22 on NYC response to Hurricane Sandy.
NYSNYS News 11/22/2012

Bloomberg issues update on hurricane recovery and assistance.
NYSNYS News 11/22/2012

Common Cause condemns NYC council redistricting for accommodating Assemblyman Vito Lopez.
NYSNYS News 11/21/2012

Cuomo announces state agency commissioners and the CEO of the NY Power Authority will be deployed at Hurricane Sandy recovery sites on November 19.
NYSNYS News 11/19/2012

DOCCS says parole has been denied to two of gunmen who killed NYPD Officer Byrne in 1988.
NYSNYS News 11/16/2012

NYSNYS NEWS: Anti-fracking mayors warn of more crime, unrest if hydro-fracking 'invasion' is permitted in NYS.
NYSNYS News 11/14/2012

Veterans Day statements from Cuomo, Schneiderman, DiNapoli, Morelle, NYS Republican Committee.
NYSNYS News 11/12/2012

Long Island GOP senators calls on Obama to order a more aggressive federal response to Hurricane Sandy recovery.
NYSNYS News 11/9/2012

Cuomo announces banks will waive fees because of Hurricane Sandy.
NYSNYS News 11/9/2012

NYRA racing fan advisory committee meeting on November 10 at Yonkers Raceway.
NYSNYS News 11/8/2012

Bloomberg offers update on Hurricane Sandy recovery and warnings on today's storm.
NYSNYS News 11/7/2012

Cornell's Skorton says NYRA reorganization board will hold open meetings following meeting today.
NYSNYS News 11/7/2012

Hurricane Sandy Power restoration updates from Con Edison (87 percent restored), LIPA (90 back by Wednesday), NYSEG (82 percent in Brewster, 94 in Liberty divisions), Orange Rockland (87 percent).
NYSNYS News 11/6/2012

Cuomo says the canal system will be fully reopened on November 4.
NYSNYS News 11/3/2012

Siena Polls: Doheny-Owens dead heat on NY21, Grimm leads Murphy in NY11, Slaughter has big lead over Brooks in NY25.
NYSNYS News 11/1/2012

NY Public Library reports no major damage from Hurricane Sandy. 55 branches with power are open today.
NYSNYS News 11/1/2012

HURRICANE SANDY: Cuomo directs MTA to 'begin planning for possible orderly suspension of all MTA service.' Final decision on shutdown Sunday.
NYSNYS News 10/27/2012

Schneiderman announces $95 million national settlement with Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. over marketing of the drugs Aggrenox, Atrovent, Combivent and Micardis.
NYSNYS News 10/25/2012

Health Commissioner Shah will keynote Center for Economic Growth's 2012 annual meeting on October 24.
NYSNYS News 10/24/2012

Antler Alert: Thruway Authority warns of deer season danger.
NYSNYS News 10/23/2012

Antler Alert: Thruway Authority warns of deer season danger.
NYSNYS News 10/22/2012

NYSNYS NEWS: Lopsided race in Albany area 44th Senate District. Sen. Breslin spends $308,684, while November 6 opponent LaVenia spends $428.
NYSNYS News 10/19/2012

Obituary: Assemblyman James Conte 53. Visitation on October 18-19, services at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, October 20 at St. Hugh Of Lincoln Catholic Church, Huntington Station.
NYSNYS News 10/17/2012

Cuomo announces $4 million in grants to help local governments reduce budget costs.
NYSNYS News 10/15/2012

Patricia Lynch Associates announces formation of a new Latino Affairs division.
NYSNYS News 10/12/2012

NYSNYS NEWS: Amedore has 4-1 fundraising advantage over Tkaczyk in 46th Senate District race.
NYSNYS News 10/11/2012

Noble Hospital nurses plan October 11 vigil on hospital closing.
NYSNYS News 10/9/2012

DOCCS adopts new prison visitation rules.
NYSNYS News 10/2/2012

46th Senate District candidate Tkaczyk endorsed by Hinchey, Tonko.
NYSNYS News 10/1/2012

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo administration announces new push to get repeat DWI offenders off the road. Video of press conference included.
NYSNYS News 9/26/2012

Nathan Schaefer name new executive director of Empire Pride Agenda gay rights lobbying group.
NYSNYS News 9/15/2012

9/11 statements from Skelos, Schneiderman, Cuomo, Silver.
NYSNYS News 9/11/2012

Catholic Cardinal Dolan releases transcript of his prayer to close the DNC Charlotte convention September 6. 'We ask your benediction on those waiting to be born, that they may be welcomed and protected.'
NYSNYS News 9/7/2012

NYSNYS NEWS: At Assembly GOP forum, business groups condemn proposed increase in Thruway truck tolls.
NYSNYS News 9/6/2012

Cuomo orders flags lowered September 7 for fallen Oswego soldier.
NYSNYS News 9/5/2012

Editorial: Buffalo News announces primary endorsements.
Buffalo News 9/1/2012

September is Assisted Living Month, with events scheduled across NYS.
NYSNYS News 8/31/2012

CSEA announces Senate and Assembly 'limited' endorsements.
NYSNYS News 8/24/2012

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) releases: Primary care, new website, prescription drugs, pharmacies, healthcare fraud.
NYSNYS News 8/22/2012

Quinnipiac Poll finds little support for Bloomberg healthy lifestyles crusading. Also, views on stop and frisk diverge by race.
NYSNYS News 8/16/2012

NYRA reports steady results at Saratoga racing meet.
NYSNYS News 8/14/2012

Cuomo regional economic development council meeting at Marist College in Poughkeepsie today.
NYSNYS News 8/8/2012

Fasig Tipton horse sales in Saratoga open on August 6.
NYSNYS News 8/6/2012

Cuomo says Peace Bridge Customs building will be renovated and city of Buffalo will transfer a nearby street to NYS control.
NYSNYS News 8/4/2012

DiNapoli reports local governments in NYS are struggling financially.
NYSNYS News 8/2/2012

NYSNYS NEWS: 46th Senate District opponent Tkaczyk says Amedore shares blame for state aid cuts to small city, rural school districts.
NYSNYS News 8/2/2012

Anti-fracking group gives Cuomo a compilation of studies and reports on health impacts of drilling.
NYSNYS News 7/25/2012

DiNapoli says Queens special education pre-school company overcharged state by $1.5 million.
NYSNYS News 7/19/2012

New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver will receive the William M. Bulger Excellence in State Leadership Award at August 7 NCSL Legislative Summit in Chicago.
NYSNYS News 7/17/2012

Mohawk Valley Water Authority, NYS Canal Corp. announce agreement on Hinckley Reservoir on water withdrawals.
NYSNYS News 7/11/2012

Chefs for Marcellus calls for ban on hydrofracking in NYS. Mario Batali, other food pros announce July 26 benefit at Brooklyn Winery.
NYSNYS News 7/7/2012

Insurance regulators applaud passage of flood insurance bill.
NYSNYS News 7/2/2012

SUNY completes master planning effort.
NYSNYS News 6/28/2012

New York State Association of School Business Officials (NYSASBO) says survey reveals districts are exhausting reserve fund balances.
NYSNYS News 6/28/2012

New York State Association of Small City School Districts, Empire Center, AQE issue statements on Court of Appeals ruling on school funding.
NYSNYS News 6/26/2012

Independent Budget Office estimates that each of the four political primaries scheduled in NYC starting will cost $23 million each.
NYSNYS News 6/26/2012

NYC Gay Pride parade June 24 lineups listed.
NYSNYS News 6/23/2012

Senator Ball says it is bureaucratic idiocy for the state Thruway Authority to make emergency response vehicle stop and retrieve tickets, pay tolls.
NYSNYS News 6/20/2012

NYSUT, UFT bill memo endorses Cuomo teacher evaluation bill. Memo cites need to prevent 'a repeat of the media exploitation of teacher evaluations witnessed recently in the New York City tabloids.'
NYSNYS News 6/19/2012

Senator Diaz says Speaker Silver should show some kind of racial equality and demand an investigation of Cuomo's CSNY, just as he demanded of the Aqueduct Entertainment Group.
NYSNYS News 6/13/2012

Schneiderman announces agreement with GHI and NY Medical and Diagnostic Center over improper billing and claims practices.
NYSNYS News 6/12/2012

Senate passes bills on domestic violence, mercury light bulb, brew pub licensing, fallen firefighters, STAR exemptions. Calls on Assembly to pass anti-crime measures.
NYSNYS News 6/12/2012

NYAPRS looking for thoughts on where $10 billion in Medicaid reinvestment funds should go.
NYSNYS News 6/7/2012

Agenda for June 7 JCOPE ethics public hearing on donor disclosure.
NYSNYS News 6/7/2012

Assemblywoman Rivera says Medicaid fraud bill was held up in Health Committee.
NYSNYS News 6/5/2012

Senator Saland offers plan to eliminate MTA payroll tax.
NYSNYS News 6/1/2012

Saratoga County Republican leader Kingsley upset over effort to stop vote on Senate seat endorsement.
NYSNYS News 6/1/2012

NYSNYS NEWS: Beer makers call on legislators to restore tax breaks for small breweries.
NYSNYS News 5/30/2012

Bloomberg weekly radio address focuses on Coney Island, Governors Island revitalization.
NYSNYS News 5/27/2012

SUNY Buffalo says it will review controversial hydrofracking report.
NYSNYS News 5/26/2012

Senate releases New Jobs-NY plan.
NYSNYS News 5/23/2012

Citizen Action says Business Council leaders gave $1.9 million to state Senate campaigns.
NYSNYS News 5/19/2012

United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York announces conviction of former State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada.
NYSNYS News 5/18/2012

Cuomo announces recovery of $50 million in fraudulent unemployment benefits, bids for 22 more NY Work projects.
NYSNYS News 5/16/2012

Challenger says Senator Saland called support for traditional marriage extremist politics.
NYSNYS News 5/16/2012

U.S. and Canada release joint guide for Emergency Border Traffic Management to govern border crossing disruptions caused by an event or incident.
NYSNYS News 5/15/2012

Skelos says Storobin has won Senate race for Kruger seat.
NYSNYS News 5/14/2012

99 Percent and Occupy Wall Street announce May 10-15 actions.
NYSNYS News 5/11/2012

99 Percent and Occupy Wall Street announce May 10-15 actions.
NYSNYS News 5/10/2012

Quinnipiac Poll finds Kelly running far behind Democratic candidate for mayor of NYC.
NYSNYS News 5/10/2012

Agenda for April 9 IPPNY conference on 'Building Transformational Energy Policy.'
NYSNYS News 5/9/2012

New York residents give Cuomo petitions supporting ban on hydrofracking.
NYSNYS News 5/3/2012

Assembly releases details of May 3 hearing on 'Utilization of informal child care.'
NYSNYS News 5/2/2012

Liu says NYS pension fund directors will will vote against Walmart directors as result of NY Times story about Mexico bribery scandal.
NYSNYS News 5/1/2012

Union VP Maria Niera at NYSUT RA meeting: Teachers 'are mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!' Youtube video included.
NYSNYS News 4/29/2012

Pittsford sailor killed in Afghanistan.
NYSNYS News 4/27/2012

Senator Kruger gets seven years in prison in corruption case. Co-defendant Turano gets two years.
NYSNYS News 4/27/2012

LCA radio shows lineups for Thursday, April 26: Dicker off today. Arbetter has Senator Krueger, segment on Hussein Small Cities School Districts case,
NYSNYS News 4/26/2012

Assemblywoman Rosenthal introduces bill to overhaul animal cruelty laws.
NYSNYS News 4/24/2012

Assemblywoman Rosenthal announces passage of rent calculations bill.
NYSNYS News 4/20/2012

Republicans holding their annual dinner April 19. Gingrich, Jindal attending.
NYSNYS News 4/17/2012

Senate candidate Miranda outlines her campaign plans.
NYSNYS News 4/17/2012

Lupardo, Griffo hold press conference on bill mandating state licensing for people who help the visually impaired.
NYSNYS News 4/17/2012

Assemblyman Aubry, Senator Hassell-Thompson holding April 17 LCA LOB press conference with advocates for domestic violence victims.
NYSNYS News 4/16/2012

Mount Vernon nurses holding an informational picket line on April 18.
NYSNYS News 4/16/2012

NARAL abortion rights group holding its annual lobbying day in Albany April 17.
NYSNYS News 4/16/2012

Senate candidate Wendy Long denounces Buffett Rule as excuse for more federal spending.
NYSNYS News 4/14/2012

Schumer holding 2 p.m. press conference in NYC on prescription drug theft.
NYSNYS News 4/14/2012

Correctional Association of New York and the New York State Junior Leagues team up to advocate for incarcerated survivors of domestic violence on April 17.
NYSNYS News 4/14/2012

SUNY Board meeting on April 16.
NYSNYS News 4/14/2012

Advocate holding April 17 LCA LOB press conference on the No Condoms as Evidence Bill.
NYSNYS News 4/13/2012

Correctional Association and Junior Leagues team up to help incarcerated survivors of domestic abuse.
NYSNYS News 4/13/2012

Cuomo issues executive order establishing a health exchange to let New Yorkers shop for insurance coverage.
NYSNYS News 4/12/2012

Nurses Association says Kennedy is in court April 12 in Mount Kisco for assaulting Westchester nurses. Union supporters will be there.
NYSNYS News 4/12/2012

Nurses Association says Kennedy is in court April 12 in Mount Kisco for assaulting Westchester nurses. Union supporters will be there.
NYSNYS News 4/11/2012

NYSNYS NEWS: Drilling advocates warn fracking bans will be costly to local governments. Audio of press conference included.
NYSNYS News 4/11/2012

INSIDE THE LCA COLUMN: LCA show moving to a weeknight. Dicker still going strong seven months after stepping down as NY Post bureau chief. New media reporters joining press corps.
NYSNYS News 4/5/2012

INSIDE THE LCA COLUMN: LCA show moving to a weeknight. Dicker still going strong seven months after stepping down as NY Post bureau chief. New media reporters joining press corps.
NYSNYS News 4/4/2012

INSIDE THE LCA COLUMN: LCA show moving to a weeknight. Dicker still going strong seven months after stepping down as NY Post bureau chief. New media reporters joining press corps.
NYSNYS News 4/4/2012

Quinnipiac Poll puts Cuomo job approval at 68 percent, despite misgivings about Big Ugly deal.
NYSNYS News 4/4/2012

2012-13 BUDGET: Assembly Health Chairman Gottfried offers summary of bills passed.
NYSNYS News 4/2/2012

Senator Ball says new budget delivers for Hudson Valley. He also says he has helped raise money for the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum.
NYSNYS News 4/2/2012

NYSNYS NEWS VIDEO: Cuomo, Silver, Skelos press conference March 30 prior to final passage of state budget. Part 2 of 2, Q&A. 8 minutes.
NYSNYS News 3/30/2012

NYSNYS NEWS VIDEO: Cuomo, Silver, Skelos press conference March 30 prior to final passage of state budget. Part 1 of 2, opening remarks. 19 minutes.
NYSNYS News 3/30/2012

Tri-State Transportation Campaign says Cuomo Tappan Zee numbers are wrong.
NYSNYS News 3/29/2012

2012-13 BUDGET: Cuomo, Silver, Skelos announce deal on $132.6 billion budget.
NYSNYS News 3/27/2012

NY Times Albany bureau chief Danny Hakim will talk about his involvement in the paper's coverage of the Gov. Eliot Spitzer sex scandal at Saratoga Reads Skidmore College forum on March 31.
NYSNYS News 3/26/2012

Cuomo announces statewide small business outreach April 3-4, April 23-24, May 3, May 17-18, June 27-28, July 11, August 7-8, August 22.
NYSNYS News 3/22/2012

Cuomo announces Capitol exhibit on NYS womens history.
NYSNYS News 3/21/2012

Senator Diaz calls Cuomo a hypocrite for accusing CSEA of buying votes when that is what happened to Senators who switched votes on gay marriage bill he pushed.
NYSNYS News 3/21/2012

Cuomo signs DNA databank bill into law.
NYSNYS News 3/19/2012

NYS Democratic Committee meeting today in NYC to nominate Gillibrand.
NYSNYS News 3/19/2012

Cuomo signs Tier VI pension bill. Bloomberg's comments included.
NYSNYS News 3/16/2012

Obituary of Dick Zander, 82, former Newsday reporter, Court of Appeals spokesman and past present of the LCA.
NYSNYS News 3/10/2012

Obituary of Dick Zander, 82, former Newsday reporter, Court of Appeals spokesman and past present of the LCA.
Unspecified 3/10/2012

School Boards Association names Senator Flanagan the 'leader of the year.'
NYSNYS News 3/9/2012

NYSNYS NEWS: Libraries says usage increasing by 12 percent as state funding cuts by 23 percent.
NYSNYS News 3/9/2012

Committee to Save NY condemns ads criticizing Cuomo pension plan.
NYSNYS News 3/9/2012

NYSUT urges the state Education Department to take pupil absenteeism into consideration in teacher evaluations.
NYSNYS News 3/8/2012

CUNY union holding forum at 6 p.m. on Pathways overhaul of general education, transfer requirements.
NYSNYS News 3/8/2012

Senate Republicans announce NEW JOBS NY plan. It includes business tax cuts, tax credits, 2 percent state spending cap, super-majority to raise taxes and fees.
NYSNYS News 3/7/2012

Environmental groups announce radio ad asking for more money from Cuomo budget.
NYSNYS News 3/7/2012

AFSCME running ads opposing Cuomo pension plan.
NYSNYS News 3/6/2012

Senate Independent Democrats IDC faults fees paid out by pension fund at DiNapoli's direction. Comptroller says analysis is flawed.
NYSNYS News 3/6/2012

NYSNYS NEWS: Public libraries ask Legislature to address funding crisis that has seen state support drop by 27 percent.
NYSNYS News 3/5/2012

Siena Poll finds only 50 percent of voters think teacher evaluations will improve public education.
NYSNYS News 3/5/2012

GlobalFoundries announces it has become independent of AMD.
NYSNYS News 3/5/2012

Schneiderman releases: Settlements with drug companies, Make the Road wage theft, same sex marriage, DL21C event March 7.
NYSNYS News 3/1/2012

Senator McDonald says not being backed by Wilton GOP is disappointing.
NYSNYS News 2/29/2012

Senate holding February 29 hearing on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD in combat Veterans.
NYSNYS News 2/28/2012

NYSUT condemns release of school teacher ratings as deplorable.
NYSNYS News 2/27/2012

Citizen Action, other groups holding February 28 press conference on Pre-Kindergarten.
NYSNYS News 2/27/2012

The Workers' Compensation Policy Institute says NY employers being hit by surcharge on premiums.
NYSNYS News 2/26/2012

Senator Diaz compares Bronx redistricting 'harkens back to the Reconstruction Era when gerrymandering was used to dilute the new found political strength of African Americans in the South.'
NYSNYS News 2/26/2012

Schumer holding 11 a.m. press conference on Saudi oil production.
NYSNYS News 2/26/2012

NYSNYS NEWS DAYBOOK for Sunday, February 26, 2012.
NYSNYS News 2/25/2012

Governors hold winter meeting in Washington.
NYSNYS News 2/25/2012

Democrats say Senate Republicans are blocking Andrea Stewart Cousins committee motion on Reproductive Health Act.
NYSNYS News 2/23/2012

SUNY hosting showcase February 24 for Capital District area campuses.
NYSNYS News 2/23/2012

LCA radio shows updates for Wednesday, February 22: Dicker has Politico reporter, SUNY Albany researcher on LCA press corps. Arbetter on vacation.
NYSNYS News 2/22/2012

DL21C holding event with Schneiderman March 7 on mortgage crisis.
NYSNYS News 2/21/2012

LCA radio shows lineups for Tuesday, February 21, 2011: Ficker has APA critic Lewis, Albany DA candidate Kindlon. Arbetter in repeats.
NYSNYS News 2/21/2012

Schneiderman on Long Island February 21 for prescription drug abuse event.
NYSNYS News 2/21/2012

SUNY Rockefeller Institute holding forums March 1 on Cuomo tax cap, March 6 on higher education and international relations.
NYSNYS News 2/20/2012

Schumer says FDA is review safety of caffeine inhaler, Aeroshot.
NYSNYS News 2/19/2012

NYSNYS NEWS DAYBOOK for Sunday, February 19, 2012.
NYSNYS News 2/19/2012

DiNapoli attending Association of Towns event on February 20.
NYSNYS News 2/18/2012

CSEA members re-elect Donohue and leadership team.
NYSNYS News 2/16/2012

Assembly bill calendar #22 for Wednesday, February 15, 2012.
NYSNYS News 2/15/2012

Schedule released for 41st annual Albany caucus weekend of the NYS Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, February 17-19.
NYSNYS News 2/15/2012

Senator Grisanti releases statement about fight at Seneca casino.
NYSNYS News 2/13/2012

Senator Grisanti says he and his wife were physically attacked at Seneca Indian fundraiser, but are both recovering.
NYSNYS News 2/11/2012

Obama files petitions with more than 56,000 signatures to get on the NY presidential primary ballot.
NYSNYS News 2/9/2012

Catholic Conference lobby day set for March 13. Dolan will meet with Cuomo on March 12.
NYSNYS News 2/9/2012

Kindlon, challenging Albany DA Soares, announcing campaign team, including fundraiser Cindy Darrison.
NYSNYS News 2/8/2012

Charter schools holding Albany lobbying day. Agenda includes getting seats on NYC local school boards.
NYSNYS News 2/7/2012

No Farms, No Food rally scheduled for February 15.
NYSNYS News 2/7/2012

Bar Association said other criminal justice changes must accompany expansion of DNA databank.
NYSNYS News 2/3/2012

Flushing Hospital nurses gear up for strike. Press conference scheduled for February 2.
NYSNYS News 2/1/2012

Assembly Speaker Silver offers bill to raise minimum wage to $8.50/hour.
NYSNYS News 1/30/2012

Senator Rivera urges independent redistricting for the Senate and Assembly.
NYSNYS News 1/30/2012

Schumer, Nassau County DA Rice report drugged driving is rising in NYS.
NYSNYS News 1/29/2012

OBAMA STATE OF NATION 2012: Reaction from Cuomo, Schneiderman, DiNapoli, Cox, Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Gillibrand.
NYSNYS News 1/26/2012

2012-13 BUDGET: In Buffalo, Cuomo delivers presentation on his plan.
NYSNYS News 1/25/2012

2012-13 BUDGET: Bloomberg testimony before January 24 Senate Assembly hearing on Cuomo budget proposal.
NYSNYS News 1/24/2012

Bloomberg radio talk topic is schools, pension costs, juvenile justice.
NYSNYS News 1/22/2012

Nassau GOP chair Mondello endorses Maragos for U.S. Senate to run against Gillibrand.
NYSNYS News 1/22/2012

Gillibrand, Schumer unveil Syria sanctions bill.
NYSNYS News 1/22/2012

LCA radio shows lineups for Wednesday, January 18: Arbetter has Skelos, Krueger, Gallivan, AARP, Homecare Association. Dicker has Seneca Indian leader Porter.
NYSNYS News 1/18/2012

NYPIRG says Cuomo raised $11 millions in first full year as governor, nearly twice as much as Spitzer did. Cuomo has $14 million in the bank.
NYSNYS News 1/17/2012

PSC releases agenda for January 19 meeting in Albany.
NYSNYS News 1/17/2012

Schneiderman says Department of Law will fund $1 million program to prevent home foreclosures.
NYSNYS News 1/12/2012

Report says long term care is $29 billion a year industry in NYS.
NYSNYS News 1/11/2012

Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities schedules public forums for February 1, February 6 and February 8.
NYSNYS News 1/10/2012

LCA radio shows lineups for Monday, January 9: Arbetter has segments on hydrofracking, expanded gambling. Dicker has Cuomo, pollster McLaughlin.
NYSNYS News 1/9/2012

Legislature holding roundtable January 9 on rural healthcare.
NYSNYS News 1/8/2012

Alliance for Quality Education posting new video online January 3 on school goals for 2012 session.
NYSNYS News 1/2/2012

Bloomberg says Queens firebombings are under investigation, but motivation is not yet clear.
NYSNYS News 1/2/2012

Bloomberg radio address topic is how New Yorkers are safer and healthier than ever before.
NYSNYS News 1/2/2012

Cuomo urges teachers union, schools to get back to negotiating table to agree to evaluation plan that will clear way for state aid to districts.
NYSNYS News 12/31/2011

Bloomberg reports 'near record public safety levels' in NYC in 2011.
NYSNYS News 12/29/2011

Inspector General Biben says three state workers charged with stealing using state agency credit cards. Two Health Department workers, one from OPWDD.
NYSNYS News 12/28/2011

Cuomo says 2012 State of State speech will be delivered in the Empire State Plaza Convention Center on January 4.
NYSNYS News 12/20/2011

LCA radio shows lineups for Monday, December 19: Arbetter has segments on Adirondacks economy, veterans and jobs, corporate tax dodgers. No advisory from Dicker.
NYSNYS News 12/19/2011

WVOX radio editorial: Hydrofracking shale gas mining is 'The New Killing Season.' Let's hope 'brilliant, dynamic, stunning effective' Cuomo stops it.
NYSNYS News 12/17/2011

NYPIRG releases list of groups that spent $187 million on lobbying Albany in 2011.
NYSNYS News 12/14/2011

LCA radio shows lineups for Wednesday, December 7: Arbetter has Morelle, Mauro, American Petroleum Institute, Bob Freeman. No guests announced for Dicker.
NYSNYS News 12/7/2011

Russell Sykes hired by Empire Center.
NYSNYS News 12/5/2011

Conservative Party Chair Long releases letter to Skelos calling on him to oppose tax increase. Cuomo cited.
NYSNYS News 12/5/2011

Cox urges any Cuomo tax code reform to include indexing brackets.
NYSNYS News 12/5/2011

U.S. Attorney for Eastern District announces bribery, extortion charges against Assemblyman William F. Boyland Jr. and his aide, Ryan N. Hermon.
NYSNYS News 12/2/2011

SUNY releases draft RFP for NY Charter Schools. Public meeting is set for December 7.
NYSNYS News 12/1/2011

Facebook settles charges with Federal Trade Commission over privacy breaches of its users. Proposed settlement attached as PDF.
NYSNYS News 11/30/2011

Cuomo storm task force holds summit on recovery efforts.
NYSNYS News 11/28/2011

NYSNYS NEWS WEEK IN REVIEW for November 19-25: Cuomo issues a budget warning. Speaker Silver is hospitalized. Arrests stop in Occupy Albany protest.
NYSNYS News 11/25/2011

After being out of service since Hurricane Irene in August, Port Jervis line reopens on November 28, MTA says.
NYSNYS News 11/23/2011

Super-committee budget talks: Reaction from Senator Dilan, Green Party, AFL-CIO, Betsy McCaughey, Campaign for America's Future, Pentagon, Working Families Party.
NYSNYS News 11/22/2011

Founding SUNY Genesee President O'Connell dies, age 83.
NYSNYS News 11/21/2011

Cancer survivors warn Cuomo on hydrofracking.
NYSNYS News 11/21/2011

NYSNYS NEWS DAYBOOK for Sunday, November 20, 2011.
NYSNYS News 11/20/2011

AFSCME criticzes Grimm and Turner for vote on balance budget amendment.
NYSNYS News 11/19/2011

NYSNYS NEWS DAYBOOK for Saturday, November 19, 2011.
NYSNYS News 11/18/2011

Senate releases mid-year budget report. SFY 2011-12 revenues +6.4 percent over SFY 2010-11 or $286m. SFY 2012-13 +0.75 percent or $17m higher than Cuomo estimates. Report attached as PDF.
NYSNYS News 11/18/2011

LCA radio shows lineups for Thursday, November 17: Arbetter has fracking segment, Occupy Wall Street update, Hinchey, Albany Law segment. Dicker has Soares challenger, Bruno lawyer.
NYSNYS News 11/17/2011

Siena Poll sees Obama, Gillibrand beating Republican opponents. Cuomo approval rating at 72 percent. Occupy Wall Street attitudes also polled.
NYSNYS News 11/15/2011

Transcript of Bloomberg's remarks at November 12 memorial for Flight 587 victims.
NYSNYS News 11/13/2011

Schumer holding 11 a.m. press conference to criticize retailers' layaway programs as too costly to consumers.
NYSNYS News 11/13/2011

LCA radio shows lineups for Friday, November 11: Arbetter has SUNY Buffalo President Tripathi, Zemsky, segment with Reagan aide Korb. Dicker tentatively has Herman Cain.
NYSNYS News 11/11/2011

Bloomberg releases on mayors against illegal guns, Diwali and Eid holidays.
NYSNYS News 11/10/2011

Agenda for November 10 meeting of the State Board of Real Property Tax Services.
NYSNYS News 11/10/2011

DL21C holding November 9 forum with Assemblyman Jeffries.
NYSNYS News 11/7/2011

Cuomo Medicaid Redesign Team meeting November 1 in NYC.
NYSNYS News 10/31/2011

LCA radio shows lineups for Monday, October 31: Arbetter has Senators Breslin, Hannon, Blue Shield of NENY on insurance, and segment with Office for the Aging. Dicker has Senator Libous on fracking, Sandy Lewis.
NYSNYS News 10/31/2011

Cuomo offers update on Metro-North service following nor'easter storm.
NYSNYS News 10/30/2011

Occupy Wall Street: Robin Hood protests set for October 28, protest letters going to banks, Mark Green on anti-Semitism smear, Long Island Marine goes toe to toe with NYPD, Verizon CWA rally.
NYSNYS News 10/27/2011

Quinnipiac Poll finds scan support for racial, ethnic gerrymandering. Voters want Cuomo to veto new lines. Cuomo approval rating at 65 percent.
NYSNYS News 10/26/2011

Assembly holding December 1 public hearing on the 2011-12 state budget impact on HAVA and state and local boards of elections.
NYSNYS News 10/26/2011

Cuomo announces nomination of Hauer as commissioner of Homeland Security, and appointment of Kuhr as director of Office of Emergency Management.
NYSNYS News 10/25/2011

LCA radio shows lineups for Tuesday, October 25: Arbetter has Skelos, Squadron, Rep. Hochul, Green Party candidate Stein. Dicker has Post, Politico reporters.
NYSNYS News 10/25/2011

Bloomberg updates Israel schedule with dinner with Netanyahu.
NYSNYS News 10/23/2011

States spent $4 billion on community college students who dropped out after first year, report on 'The Hidden Costs of Community Colleges' says. Five year cost to NYS for SUNY dropouts: $290 million.
NYSNYS News 10/20/2011

DEC, NYC DEP announce draft agreement on reducing sewer overflows into New York Harbor. Public meeting scheduled for November 9.
NYSNYS News 10/19/2011

Business Council holding 2011 Annual Industry-Environment Conference October 26 - 28, at the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs.
NYSNYS News 10/14/2011

Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) Annual Meeting opens October 16 in Buffalo.
NYSNYS News 10/13/2011

Cuomo says Obama has approved request for expedited review of Tappan Zee bridge replacement project.
NYSNYS News 10/11/2011

Reiter Giuliani Group, LLC lobbying firm formed. Partners are Fran Reiter, Catherine Giuliani and Alan Rosenberg, who merged their respective businesses.
NYSNYS News 10/11/2011

School Superintendents group reports teacher cuts, bigger class sizes after three years to reductions in state aid to schools.
NYSNYS News 10/11/2011

Fidelis Care offering health insurance open houses in Monroe County October 20.
NYSNYS News 10/8/2011

Associated Builders and Contractors criticizes DiNapoli awarding Exit 122 project in Wallkill with Project Labor Agreement.
NYSNYS News 10/7/2011

IOGA of NY says hydrofracking health concerns are addressed by DEC report.
NYSNYS News 10/5/2011

Farm Bureau names legislators in its 'circle of friends.'
NYSNYS News 10/5/2011

Archbishop Dolan sends Senator Diaz a letter expressing gratitude for his support of immigrants.
NYSNYS News 10/4/2011

NYSNYS NEWS DAYBOOK for Wednesday, October 5.
NYSNYS News 10/4/2011

New York State Archives Partnership Trust meeting on October 6.
NYSNYS News 10/4/2011

VIDEO: Assembly Speaker Silver talks about taxes, redistricting, mandate relief, gambling, PEF on YNN's 'Capital Tonight.'
NYSNYS News 10/4/2011

Cuomo issues statements on taxi bill, Small Business Administration and NYS exports.
NYSNYS News 10/4/2011

Common Cause says using DOCCS prisoners to inflate Senate district populations for redistricting is pernicious.
NYSNYS News 10/4/2011

LCA radio shows lineups for Monday, October 3: Arbetter has NYS Economic Development Council, Cuddy and Feder lawyer on hydrofracking leases. Dicker has Jerry Jennings on hydrofracking protests in Albany.
NYSNYS News 10/3/2011

Brennan Center says new voting laws will make it hard for estimated 5 million voters to cast ballots.
NYSNYS News 10/3/2011

Press conference scheduled for October 3 before Albany Common Council vote on hydrofracking.
NYSNYS News 9/30/2011

Press conference scheduled for October 3 before Albany Common Council vote on hydrofracking.
NYSNYS News 9/30/2011

PEF says it is eager to talk to Cuomo about contract, but no evidence suggests a revote would end differently.
NYSNYS News 9/30/2011